Letters - April 13, 2015

Ma Kellys South, Blackpool
Ma Kellys South, Blackpool
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I write with incredulity that Blackpool planners are threatening Ma Kelly’s South with closure over its external alterations (Gazette April 10. )

The planning inspector says ‘shortcomings of the design have been carried round to a much more extensive frontage to Bagot Street.’

Are these planners being pedantic or what?

Paul Kelly has invested a great deal in Blackpool, creating many jobs.

South Shore - Lytham Road, Waterloo Road - have died, and the same is now happening to Central Drive.

Thankfully someone seems to want to invest in this area for once and then gets penalised.

What does the council want? Ma Kelly’s to close and be another vacant property ? Get real.

Or do they want to turn it into another pound shop?

I went down to get my eyes tested last week and looked around Lytham Road, and at 9am I felt threatened walking the streets.

Considering the local pubs, there was more on-street drinking than in the pubs.

I am a true sandgrown’un, born between Lytham Road and the Promenade and have seen this area of Blackpool slide continuously over the years.

The council should be applauding new investment not holding it back.

Good luck Paul Kelly and Mick Sugden.

Marcus Polakovs

By email



From institutions to council run care homes, the private sector were the ones who created ‘luxury’ where residents possess their own rooms, toilet facilities, TVs, fully fitted carpets, and literally made comfortable with their own belongings to spend their final days being cared for, made to feel safe and where nothing is too much trouble.

So care standards were introduced, procedures put in place and staff training to gain qualifications for the benefit of residents in care homes.

The trouble is, over the years, many of the private run care homes have become neglectful as shown by the report in the Gazette (April 7) regarding Orchard Lodge.

I wonder what happened to standards private care homes created in the first place and why have some become untrustworthy, neglectful and downright uncaring?

It seems the CQC is regularly cracking the whip when they’ve found standards towards care have plummeted so why has management failed to intervene on any neglect and untoward doings?

It is a hard decision to place a family member in a care home and learning how some have had their knuckles rapped for allowing care standards to drop thus placing one, two or more residents in danger goes beyond appalling.

This is especially so when residents are not only vulnerable, but need to trust their carers and be able to report anyone who abuses them verbally or physically without worrying about any retaliation.

Private care homes should beware because such behaviour doesn’t give people the incentive to trust them and will prefer a family member to stay in their own home with carers calling and that isn’t an ideal situation.

Clifford Chambers

Ashton Road




The General Election on May 7 is a key opportunity for disabled people, including on the Fylde, to make sure their voices are heard at the ballot box.

The next government will be making decisions about everything from whether we get more disabled-friendly homes built to essential support with cooking, washing and getting out and about.

To use your vote you need to make sure you are on the electoral register – you can check this by contacting your local council.

There are lots of ways to vote – you can vote at your local polling station, by post, or you can nominate someone to cast your vote for you.

The deadline to register to vote is April 20.

Your local council should make sure that disabled people are able to use their vote in person on polling day.

There are many ways that they can do this, for example by making sure polling stations are accessible to wheelchair users, providing forms in large-print or taking time to explain the process so that someone can cast their vote.

For more information about voting, please visit leonardcheshire.org/voting and ensure you have a say on the important issues that affect your daily life.



Leonard Cheshire



Well said Margaret Bottomley who wrote in saying how she enjoyed her comfortable slippers (Your Say, April 9).

Gazette columnist Jayne Dawson seems to be morphing into Katie Hopkins with her self opinionated views on things.

As Margaret says in her letter, Jayne may change her mind about slippers if and when she becomes an octogenarian.

Malcolm Boyce

Deepdale Road