Letters - April 12

Busy Blackpool on the run up to August Bank Holiday weekend.'On the beach. PIC BY ROB LOCK
Busy Blackpool on the run up to August Bank Holiday weekend.'On the beach. PIC BY ROB LOCK
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YOU reported Blackpool is still a hit with tourists, being voted in the nation’s top 10 (Gazette April 9), and, as someone with more time on his hands now I am retired, I can only agree.

The range of entertainment here is unbeatable for value, while the coast offers a rich variety of leisure opportunities and holiday environments.

People also remain among the most friendly you’ll find anywhere – even in bus queues awaiting a reduced service!

Of course, there are grot spots, but that’s true of most places and we are clearing things up steadily it seems.

My wife (or She Who Knows, as column readers might remember her) and I have particularly enjoyed the excellent council-run cycling scheme with favourite routes through Stanley Park and along the Prom which, when finally finished this summer, will stretch all the way through to Wyre.

It was on such a bike ride we came across a large group of locals and visitors enjoying one of the council walk schemes on the South Promenade. It was led by retired Saddle Inn landlord Don Ashton and wife Pam. “I’ve never enjoyed our retirement so much,” admitted Don, now spending more time here than at his other retirement destination of Cyprus.

There is a lot to enjoy out there. It’s just a matter of finding or making the time.

Incidentally, when the sun isn’t shining I spend my time these days keeping up an online column that old and new readers might enjoy. It’s a website called www.royedmonds-blackpool.com which can be found on the internet via google.


Great Marton

COULD I thank the two good samaritans who came to my aid on Saturday, April 2, when my mobility scooter broke down and I was left lying on the road in North Drive, Cleveleys, with all the cars coming towards me.

They stopped their van and car, picked me up, got me to the side and lifted my scooter onto the pavement. They then somehow manoeuvred my scooter home for me.

One gentleman then took me home in his car and stayed with me until my family came and Vitaline sent an ambulance.

As I am 75, disabled with other numerous conditions, it was a very traumatic event.

One young man, called Sean, was from Style Carpets, Cleveleys, and the other was called Tony Carroll, from Cleveleys.

Also thanks to the ambulance men and staff from A&E who were marvellous.



IN response to the ‘flash protest’ held on Dickson Road on Saturday (Gazette April 11), I am disgusted to see how the tragic case of Charlene Downes is being hijacked by the far right movement.

Casuals United, an affiliated group of the English Defence League, is using this as an attempt to justify and rally support for hatred against Muslims and non-white groups.

They are not concerned about Charlene or other missing or murdered children, but rather are cynically exploiting this case to target minority groups.

Our society should be intolerant of all abuse and violence against children, no matter what the ethnic or religious background of the offender is, just as we should be intolerant of the racism and bigotry of movements like the EDL and Casuals United.