Letters - April 11, 2014

LYTHAM STALWART Frank Roe, former BAE Systems aircraft designer and champion of Lytham Hall and the town trust,  who has died
LYTHAM STALWART Frank Roe, former BAE Systems aircraft designer and champion of Lytham Hall and the town trust, who has died
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Kept us on our toes!

Sad loss

The directors on the board of Lytham Town Trust wish to express their sadness at the passing of Frank Roe (Gazette April 8) and pass on their condolences to his family.

Frank was a founding member of Lytham Town Trust and, through his connections with his former employer, was instrumental in securing the donation of £1m from BAE Systems (as it is now) to enable the Trust to acquire Lytham Hall for the benefit of the community.

When Frank retired from the board he was appointed a Life Vice President of the Town Trust and came to the Trust Annual General Meetings each year.

He retained a particular interest in Lytham Hall and, as recently as last summer, I was “invited” to his house to explain the peeling paint work and apparent lack of progress in spending the grant of £2.4m we had been awarded by the Heritage Lottery Fund (work on the project is now under way).

This was done very gently over a cup of tea and biscuit and was followed by a viewing of some of his paintings.

Frank may have seemed quiet to some but he never missed anything in meetings, despite his claim to be a little deaf, and his contributions were always succinct and worthwhile.

On a personal level Frank was easy to like and admire and I always enjoyed seeing him.

We shall all miss him greatly.

David K. Gill


Lytham Town Trust

Heartened by car help

Thanks all

Last Friday evening, my wife and I travelled down from our home in the Scottish Borders, to attend (as I have done for over 30 years) the Northern Amateur Radio Societies Association annual convention at the Norbreck Castle hotel.

We received our usual very warm welcome from Claire and John,at the nearby Briony Hotel.

Later that evening, our old car ‘expired’ as we reversed into the hotel parking lot.

When my initial panic subsided, I contacted my breakdown company in Wales who immediately arranged recovery by M.V.S. Auto Rescue in Bispham.

A very short time later, the big recovery transporter arrived, driven by proprietor Jack Walker, doing the vehicle recovery work himself, to give his staff the weekend off.

He immediately identified the need for a new belt, reassured me he could locate one, do the repair and have the car back to us on Monday morning, giving me a firm quote which I found hard to believe (and which my fellow guests reckoned wasn’t possible!).

At 76, I reckon I can spot a ‘cowboy’…Jack had a kind, honest, reassuring look about him, and true to his word, he appeared with the repaired car, not long after breakfast on Monday morning, the invoice exactly as promised.

He even refused my offer of a lift back to his premises and had arranged for one of his men to follow in another vehicle.

I should add that Claire and John at the ‘Briony’ had accommodated us for the unplanned extra night, without batting an eyelid.

The extra day also allowed us to take full advantage of a ‘day ticket’ on the wonderful Blackpool tram and bus service with its smart, helpful, friendly staff, and to spend some hours walking the streets and enjoying food in the hitherto un-visited Cleveleys.

We hear so many complaints about disaffected workmen, bad service, couldn’t-care-less attitudes – this is surely not the case in Blackpool.

It seems only fair that we record our special thanks, through your columns, to all those involved in ensuring our stay was as enjoyable as always.

Best wishes to all, from Bonnie Scotland.

André and Veronica


Douglas Crescent


Electors need advice


On May 22 the same day as the European Elections, Fylde residents will have the opportunity to express their preference for the way Fylde Council conduct their business.

The options are to support the existing less democratic “cabinet” system, involving a Leader and six cabinet members or, a return to “committee” system where all the elected ward representatives have a say in what goes on.

Presently only eight out of the 22 Fylde wards has representation by the seven cabinet members who take the day to day decisions.

It would have been economical, both informatively and financially, had the council included with the recently issued rates bills a leaflet outlining the pros and cons of each system so the electorate is sufficiently well informed to enable a considered opinion.

I question how and when do the council now propose to issue this essential advice to all households.

Phil Marriott


Fylde rugby club

New ground

I’m pleased to see Fylde Rugby Club has taken a progressive step to consider bids for the Woodlands Ground.

A new ground would be a huge boost.

Name and address supplied