Letters - April 11, 2013

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Town centre shopping

Bring in IKEA

At the last count there were 37 charity shops all within a five to seven mile radius in Blackpool town centre.

The council has now seen fit to allow yet another charity shop to open on Church Street.

So it would seem the multi-million pound new infrastructure, the new supermarket, the revamped former bus station and the new council buildings are to have a road leading to them full of charity shops.

What are visitors going to think when they come to Blackpool for the first time by rail ?

Once in the town centre they will be struck with the delight of pound shops, mobile phone shops and plenty of jewellery shops.

Why can’t the council encourage companies like IKEA, art and craft shops , maybe even a decent fruit and veg shop or a decent electrical shop, or how about a decent butcher?

The fact remains that, at present, Blackpool is not a place to go for a day out shopping.

Why can’t we have a multiplex cinema in the town centre, and why is the Winter Gardens, lying empty most days when it should be the hub of Blackpool, filled with shop units making money to pay for further work to the building.

Overall the things that need to be done to bring Blackpool back to life are not being done.

Cut backs are leaving streets covered in litter and dog foul, people sitting on the street begging for money while others are walking about drinking from cans of cider or lager.

I like many people want to see a better Blackpool but this council are just sitting back and letting all the wrong things go on in this town.

Stuart Easton

North Shore

Energy bills

Is policy right?

Sometimes I wonder how it came about that my fellow 
citizens became so benign!

If tomorrow the Government announced an annual £54 per household rise in income tax, would there be mayhem on the street or will there be a collective sigh of resignation and a retreat into the TV land to see what happening in the real world – or as it’s better know Coronation Street.

£54 is the average amount per energy bill the energy companies will be collecting from us this year to pay for the government’s Energy Company Obligation, that’s the bit of the new Green Deal that will help those who didn’t insulate their homes under the previous free schemes.

Giving some lucky households up to £10k of insulation measures, something they have not asked for, and will not need to pay for.

So those of us who have already invested in keeping our homes warm, can sleep well in our cosy beds in the knowledge our benevolence is helping others who couldn’t be bothered before to get their work done for free.

This new scheme is going to save carbon, but how much?

Well just around one thousandth of the carbon that will be burnt off if the shale gas industry gets its way, and starts production in Lancashire.

An industry that by the way is also on the receiving end of our hard earned cash, through business grants given by the Chancellor to encourage progress.

I must have been watching ‘Corrie’ myself when the Government introduced a policy that made our energy companies an integral part of Her Majesties Revenues and Customs, but you have got to admit what a wheeze that was, since we’ve been paying around £38 p/a into this levy (stealth tax) since 1996.

Not to worry though we are all getting something back from this, aren’t we?

Well no actually, because the main energy providers failed to meet their carbon targets for reducing carbon – this despite the fact heavy fines would be imposed if they failed.

Ofgem, that stalwart of fair play, has let them off all their fines, but given them a jolly good ticking off.

What about the fuel poor I hear you whimper, well they have got to pay it as well.

Tom Barlow


Fleetwood sea defences

Let’s set a standard

I would like to voice my opinion on the proposed plans for the new Fleetwood sea defence.

It’s going to cost £65m and it looks awful.

Let’s set a better standard than the local Cleveleys beach which looks really well.

How can it cost that much to erect steel framing, encased, while high strength 
concrete is injected to create a wall?

The rocks will more than likely cause many injuries to people using the beach.

I say come up with something more inventive and 
propose better plans.

Ross A. Cooper


Blackpool manager

He’s the right man

Paul Ince has brought back to life the Blackpool team.

He is tough talking and sets out to do his best, and he is the only manager who didn’t do a runner when the chips were down.

So keep up the good work, we are all behind you and I hope you stay with our Blackpool team.

Margaret Crawford

Ashfield Road