Letters - April 10, 2015

Retired drummer 'Shultz' who played at the original basement Galleon Bar, performing in St John's Square
Retired drummer 'Shultz' who played at the original basement Galleon Bar, performing in St John's Square
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Music in square is asset to our town

‘Shultz’ joined us


Thanks to all who supported The Galleonairs band on Easter Saturday afternoon in St John’s Square.

We received great feedback and raised £312.08 for Trinity Hospice.

We were blessed with glorious sunshine and had four hours of entertaining passers-by.

Promoting street theatre offers Blackpool town centre a metropolitan vibe of arts and culture.

The highlight of the afternoon was a surprise visit from the legendary retired drummer ‘Shultz’, who played at the original basement Galleon Bar for donkeys years.

He is famously remembered for his glass eye, cigarette holder and bicycle clips.

He received a rapturous applause from the crowd when the pint sized 82-year-old performed a classic drum solo in an energetic style expected from a man half his age!

We are looking forward to our next performance in St John’s Square on Saturday April 25.

My motto is simple, keep music live because musicians ‘Duet Better’ .

Stephen Pierre

Artistic Director

Utopia Music Associates Ltd

Voting system fears


We shall shortly be called upon to cast our vote at the forthcoming general election on May 7 but, as we sign away our democratic rights with an ‘X’, the mark of illiteracy, we may wonder if there’s any point when our Victorian voting system habitually wastes two thirds of the votes cast and produces a distorted vote with the remainder.

It is, for example, quite possible that the party with the most votes loses the election!

This has happened before.

In 1951, the Labour Party won more votes than the Conservatives, but the Conservatives won the election.

In February 1974, the Conservatives won the most votes, but Labour won more seats.

It could happen again in the 2015 election.

Our clapped-out voting system can also produce loads of anomalies.

For example, in 2010, the UKIP alone polled roughly as many votes as the Greens, Plaid Cymru and the Scottish Nationalists combined but, while these parties won 10 seats in all, UKIP had nothing to show for nearly one million votes.

This is likely to happen to the UKIP again this time; unless they can muster well over 25 per cent of the national poll, the vast majority of UKIP supporters are destined to waste their votes.

I believe that our voting system could malfunction in spectacular fashion on May 7 and so I have put together a simple website at www.knackered.org.uk to highlight what could go wrong and what can be done to put things right.

David Green

Hartwood Road


Puppy breeding survey


As part of their strategy to end the suffering of breeding dogs and their puppies at the hands of unscrupulous breeders, a group of animal welfare organisations have joined forces to launch the Great British Puppy Survey.

Created by Naturewatch Foundation, Canine Action UK, The Karlton Index, Pup Air, C.A.R.I.E.D and Hidden in-light, it is believed to be the most comprehensive puppy buying survey ever launched in the UK.

With puppy farming and backyard breeding the hottest and most controversial topics in animal welfare today, the objectives of the survey are to build a clear picture of how and why people choose to buy puppies the way they do.

Unlike some top-line surveys on animal welfare, the Great British Puppy survey delivers deep into the mindset of the puppy-buying public.

Those completing the survey remain anonymous but are given the option of providing additional information if they wish.

Even before its official launch to the media, the number of people who have completed the survey through social networking alone by the group has been impressive.

With so many complaints being received daily about puppy sellers, whether breeders or dealers, people are very keen to contribute to the survey with their own experiences.

The group’s objective is to turn this information into a report that provides conclusive evidence with statistical support that the incoming Government will not only take seriously, but act upon quickly. If anyone would like to take part in this important survey and have purchased a puppy in the last five years, they can do so by visiting:


Mrs J. Harwood

Moor Park Avenue