Letters - April 10, 2014

TRAM TUSSLE The  Blackpool/Lancashire divide is not so clear cut when it comes to concessionary fares, says one reader
TRAM TUSSLE The Blackpool/Lancashire divide is not so clear cut when it comes to concessionary fares, says one reader
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Concessionary travel


The saga of concessionary travel on Blackpool trams rumbles on (Gazette April 7).

Of course Blackpool claims it is no longer in Lancashire.

Witness the signs on the Garstang Road on leaving Blackpool and approaching Poulton: “Welcome to Lancashire”.

Only people with the Blackpool logo on their passes can now get free travel on the trams (not the Lancashire Red Rose logo).

Indeed the trams have the same Blackpool Tower logo painted on the side of the trams.

But hang on a minute!

These same trams have another logo emblazoned on the side of the trams.

You’ve guessed it - the self-same Lancashire Red Rose logo.

Why this logo on the trams if they have nothing to do with Lancashire County Council?

It seems also strange to me that when my pass was renewed in April last year the Wyre Borough logo was replaced by the more general Lancashire Red Rose making the pass at least externally unable to be differentiated from other Lancashire area passes.

To add further to the mish-mash why can’t we use our Lancashire passes on the Lancashire areas of Network Rail as our fellow pensioners in Greater Manchester do in their own county area?

This would really put the cat among the pigeons as Blackpool pass holders should only be able to use theirs between Blackpool North and Layton.

Oh what a tangled web we weave.

Michael J Antrobus

Grizedale Avenue


Proud of Fylde talent

Up beat

I was pleasantly surprised when I went to the ‘Up Beat’ musical event at The Grand on Friday April 4.

It was all in aid of the Blue Skies Appeal. Its aim is to help the NHS right here in the Fylde.

The night was hosted by Linda Nolan.

It not only involved the NHS choir, but also choirs from schools and dance troupes from Blackpool and the Fylde College.

Thanks to Frank Flynn, Di Healey, Andy Flynn and Suzanne Shrewsbury and the other talented people who abound on the Fylde.

It made me proud to see such a superb show, all from local talent.

I hope to see more of them.

Phyllis Lamont

Lindale Gardens


Irresponsible cycling

No classes

While out in my car, I was waiting at a red light at the junction of Whitegate Drive and Condor Grove when a speeding cyclist overtook on the inside and sped straight through the lights without looking, causing two approaching cars to break to a halt.

An hour later when approaching a green light at Park Road and Hornby Road, I had to make an emergency brake when a teenage boy peddled straight across in front of me, again with no due care or attention.

Do they not hold cycling proficiency classes at schools anymore?

Barry McCann

Prescot Place


Health checks for men

Oldies too

As a local citizen who is getting somewhat ‘long in the tooth’, I was interested to read a Gazette feature headlined ‘Spotlight on Men to Check their Health.’

This referred to a plan whereby Lancashire County Council is working with GPs to promote free health checks.

Reading on I was taken aback to read this will only apply to 40 to 74-year-olds!

What about we older citizens whose health is surely more likely to deteriorate and therefore require stringent MOT tests - are we to be shot or mercifully ‘put out to grass’?

I much prefer the attitude of the newly appointed NHS chief executive Simon Stevens who wants to tailor the health service to patients’ needs, for instance making GP surgeries open at more convenient times at evenings and weekends.

He further adds that his 
officials want to improve the care of the elderly in their own homes under the supervision of community nurses and 
family doctors.

So thanks to him we octogenarians and above will do even better than MOTs. We’ll be more readily checked for healthily ticking over.

Neil Kendall

Stamford Avenue

South Shore

Existing ports can cope

Hot air

As a hobbyist maritime historian, I consider Blackpool MP Gordon Marsden is just blowing hot air in the article ‘We Need to do More to Help our Ports’ (Gazette April 1).

Britain already has sufficient large scale container bases which the Government considers ‘fully adequate’ to meet exports and imports, with also reserve acreage for expansion when required.

This is a fact that is not “confused in practice and conceptually flawed”, as claimed by Mr Marsden.

Such MPs need to be more dedicated to the real concerns of their constituents, rather than cheap jibes.

Robert McDougall

Patterdale Avenue