Letters - April 1, 2014

EMPTY SPACE Our writer believes it is folly for Blackpool Council to build a new car park when the revamped Talbot Road car park is so under used
EMPTY SPACE Our writer believes it is folly for Blackpool Council to build a new car park when the revamped Talbot Road car park is so under used
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New car park is not necessary

The revamped car park on Talbot Road has cost millions of pounds, and despite criticism from day one that it looked closed and wasn’t being used, the council continued to ignore the obvious and they have only just responded with a ‘Please Park There’ plea.

During this period they have forged ahead with the leasing of the old Devonshire Road Hospital site to be used as council car park for workers who will be installed at the offices which are directly opposite an existing and very empty car park.

They started clearing the ground and making preparations for the Devonshire Road site before it was passed by the planning committee – in other words a pre-decided ‘done deal’.

It’s just ridiculous.

The council is wasting thousands of pounds of our money building another car park on Devonshire Road when the one right opposite the new offices is standing empty.

Not only is this car park closer to the new offices, ensuring council workers won’t have to walk half a mile in lousy winter weather to get to work, it would be a 52-week of the year money earner as they are now being charged to park.

The Talbot Road Car Park will never make money it’s at the wrong end of town and there is nothing in the immediate area to attract shoppers apart from Wilkinsons or Sainsbury’s who both already have massive cheaper car parks.

If the council wanted to get more people up at that end of town then perhaps they should have left the building as a central bus station.

Tony Williams

Managing director Kwizco Ltd


Hero George is the last man standing

Ex-Para George of the Blackpool Royal British Legion was in for a bit of a surprise last weekend when, at the Ex-Paras Annual Reunion, glasses were raised in memory of the last man who fought at Arnhem who, they say, died earlier this year.

Montgomery said: “In years to come it will be a great thing for a man to say ‘I fought at Arnhem’.”

That’s the trouble with 93-year-old George, he never says it. To him, actions speak louder than words.

Since demob he has dedicated all his free time to the Royal British Legion, fund-raising for the war wounded, selling poppies etc.

The Battle for Arnhem began on September 17, 1944, the 70th anniversary is this year and it sounds as if George is the last man standing.

His picture will be in every newspaper, the top Army brass will be here to pay tribute, and the flag of the Parachute Regiment will fly 
high over Blackpool 

Blackpool is looking for someone famous to Switch-Oon the lights and George is always looking for a donation to the Poppy Appeal – say no more.

Roger Goodred

Charles Street,



We should all pay for our tram journeys

I don’t know what all the fuss is about regarding trams to Fleetwood.

Are people forgetting a few years ago, we from 
Bispham and Blackpool were charged 50p if we wanted to go to Cleveleys on the bus with our pass if we went past Lauderdale Avenue – we just paid up!

Maybe the council should have charged all pensioners 50p per ride.

I would gladly pay and no, I’m not rich, I live on my basic pension.

Better to do this than lose our wonderful trams which we couldn’t use our bus pass on in the past.

Some people just like to moan about everything.

R Roberts

Kylemore Avenue,



Prisoners should not get books

What nonsense from the ‘Liberal brigade’ over prisoners not being able to receive books from the outside.

If the inmates involved had thought more about reading books before commiting crimes which have blighted law-abiding citizens’ lives, they may not have ended up where they are now.

Punishment within the prison system often means just that – and if it means not receiving books within that system, then so be it!

S Knight


Sin bin for players with no respect

Football diving and no-respect footballers; Week by week, match by match all this goes on.

There is no discipline by officials, no respect from players.

I have a remedy.

When a referee needs to speak, and/or issue yellow or red cards to players, replace them with a quarter of an hour sin bin.

This will make the owners tell managers down to the players to cut it out, the players are needed on the 

Then there are the players mouthing off to referees and linesmen – do the same to them.

Then there is the barmy practice of putting the ball 
on the wrong side of white lines and corners; linesmen must insist on proper 

Football is magic – cheating is tragic.

Mr R Pinder

Belmont Avenue,