Letters - April 08, 2015

One reader is dismayed about plans for another betting shop in Blackpool
One reader is dismayed about plans for another betting shop in Blackpool
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Dismay at plan for new betting shop

Unhealthy high streets

Time to act

Walking through Blackpool town centre recently I saw a planning application in the shop on the corner of Abingdon Street and Talbot Road that is now unoccupied (it used to be Jessops ).

The planning application is for another betting shop.

After all the press and with Blackpool coming fourth in the list of most unhealthy high streets in the UK (with betting shops being one of the contributing factors ), surely another betting shop won’t be allowed to open?

If planning doesn’t take into account the ‘health’ of the local community then it should.

I agree that empty shops are not good, but in that case the council needs to start doing more to ensure that everything is done to make opening a shop or small business in Blackpool town centre a financially feasible option.

Does the council have a positive strategy for the high street in Blackpool, rather than succumbing to the easy option every time and probably managing to get Blackpool up to the number one spot in the ‘Unhealthy High Street’ table.

It seems to me that Blackpool is always close to the top on the negative surveys and close to the bottom on the positive ones.

Tim Orwin

King Edward Avenue


Leave steve to do his job!


Occasionally after a letter of mine has appeared in The Gazette, on meeting an acquaintance by chance they mention they’ve seen the letter then the line ‘Why don’t you write a letter about....’ (this or that) to which I reply, ‘but why don’t you write the letter?’

So seeing Steve Canavan’s column becoming educational on Thursday, April 2, due to a woman in Morrison’s suggesting he be a little more educational even though she likes his column! As the saying goes, ‘if it’s not broken, don’t mend it!’

Steve writes brilliant articles each week that are an asset to The Gazette and because of his observations on every day life, including his own most of us can relate to, I’m sure he never fails to raise a smile from most readers and certainly does it for me.

So I’ve a message to the woman who recognised him in Morrison’s and stuck in her oar... leave the professionals to do what they do best!

Clifford Chambers

Ashton Road


Animal friendships


I am in full agreement with David Scarfe (Your Say, April 1), regarding seagulls and their plight of not getting enough food.

Two years ago, I noticed a mother seagull sitting on eggs on my chimney, so began to put food out once a day.

Two chicks were reared and all four (father too) appeared on the garage roof each day to feed.

The two off-spring have since moved on, but the male, now sits on the windowsill each morning, watching me prepare the food for himself, wife and pigeons who also come daily to feed.

He’s only a foot away from me, through glass, of course, but I talk to him and feel we’ve developed quite an emotional connection.

This is possible with all animals who are, after all, on a journey through life, just like us, and it’s my experience that the more love and respect yu give to them, then that relationship with them develops into something quite wonderful!

If you want to protect your child’s emotional development and see them grow into a happy, well-rounded individual, get them a dog or cat from an animal sanctuary.

Teach them how to love and respect it, switch off TVs and computers and all spend quality time together, enjoying this new pet.

Another positive spin-off is the fact that joint responsibility for the pet will also create closer relationships with all members of your family.

Mrs J. Geddes

Whitemoss Avenue


Eyesore properties


Just why is it such a long and complex process to get owners to accept responsibility for long abandoned, derelict homes?

In Blackpool a great many of these type of properties exist, and these eyesores need tidying up.

There is one which I have noticed has become quite an interesting attraction to passengers on board coaches and buses queuing in traffic at nearby traffic lights.

Kevin Gooder

Clinton Avenue


Tackle bad landlords


It is appalling to read that in this day and age some landlords are providing such poor quality accommodation that there is not even any proper heating for tenants (Landlord fined £9,000 Gazette, April 7).

I thoroughly agree with the comments from housing charity Shelter which hopes taking people to court will send a strong message to property owners that this kind of appalling neglect cannot be allowed in our town.

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