Letters - April 06, 2015

Flights returning to Blackpool Airport are fantastic, say reader Trevor Aitkenhead
Flights returning to Blackpool Airport are fantastic, say reader Trevor Aitkenhead
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Sad times as store Red Cross departs

British red cross

Moving on

I was interested to note the article about the purchase of new wheelchairs for the British Red Cross by employees of Westinghouse at Springfields to enable them to continue with their invaluable service of providing mobility aids to the people of Lancashire (Gazette March 31).

Last week the British Red Cross closed their office in Blackpool, which has been open since 2003 when they secured Lottery cash to open a new centre, and provide a loan service for Blackpool with mobility aids such as wheelchairs etc, along with its many services to the area providing first aid training and cover for public events with first aid volunteers, in case of accidents.

The present staff have been relocated to Preston, and volunteers forced to meet in rented accommodation, as for the mobility aids they are looking for alternative premises, lets hope they do.

Meanwhile a perfectly good building will be put up for sale.

Val Thomson

(British Red Cross Volunteer)

Winchester Drive


Tourism draw

Changing times

Blackpool is the only holiday resort in the north west before reaching Scotland .

The council is working very hard to improve the town and the attractions .

In my opinion Foxhall Road and Dale Street is not a commercial area anymore and I think the council should consider redeveloping this area in the same that they are doing on Rigby Road.

There is hardly any shops left which are worth opening.

All the streets around this area have developed into apartments and flats .

The same thing happened on Lytham Road when some properties sold off were converted into residential flats.

In last past two years, tourist numbers have increased during summer holidays which we hope will happen again this year.

Foxhall village is very close to town and if this gets converted into a residential area it will be an attractive place to live .

Local businesses ,especially food businesses, should take pride in their shops and keep prices reasonable so people can spend more.

They should also ensure shoppers get value for money.

Otherwise a lot of people coming for a day out bring their food with them instead of buying locally.

The council has to play a vital role to improve the town, but so do the business community which has a responsibility to do its bit too.


St Annes

Citywing flights

Big return

I would endorse everything that B. Smith stated (Your Say April 3) in relation to Citywing.

I am delighted to see the flights from Belfast to Blackpool restored again and hope they are supported by people in Northern Ireland, Isle of Man and Blackpool.

We used to have flights from Belfast to Blackpool with Jet2 but they were withdrawn at the end of the 2013 season so Citywing provide a vital link.

Many people in Northern Ireland come to Blackpool every year and were greatly inconvenienced when the Blackpool Airport closed last October.

I had to change my arrangements at the last minute to travel to Manchester and then travel down to Blackpool.

I think that Citywing should advertise their flights in Northern Ireland on radio and local TV because many people are unaware of their availability.

I have been travelling from Belfast to Blackpool for many years and enjoy the atmosphere of the town and have many good friends who live there.

Hopefully in the future Blackpool Airport will have major airlines back again but in the meantime we should be grateful to Citywing for the efforts they have made to link up Belfast, Isle of Man and Blackpool.

Trevor Aitkenhead


N Ireland

Pavement problems

Hard yards

Walking is not a pleasure any more, it is a task. You need to be constantly vigilant for piles of dog faeces.

Also damaged pavement which is a potential tripping hazard. The cause of this is inconsiderate motorists illegally driving and parking on the pavement. The next problem is cyclists using the pavement illegally.

Not all pavements are dual use but many cyclists seem unaware of this fact and treat pedestrians as obstacles often cursing and even making threats at anyone not stepping aside instantly.

We even have some imbeciles riding on pavements after dark without lights.

We have police, traffic wardens and support officers. Need I say more.

R Jones


Tracing a friend

Old friend

I wonder if any of your readers can help me to trace an old friend who was living in Clitheroe in the late 1970s and 1980s? His name is John McGough. A former RAF pilot, he went on to carve out a successful career with British Aerospace at Samlesbury.

Known affectionately as “Captain Jack”, he was a familiar figure in the town with his distinctive blue blazer and trademark cravat.

He became something of a raconteur and was in great demand as an after dinner speaker at various social events.

I lost touch with John when I went to live in France some years ago. As I am over here on an extended visit and staying with relatives, I would love to renew our friendship.

I have been told that he may be living in Whalley, but recent enquiries in that area as to his whereabouts have proved fruitless.

If anyone knows where I can contact him, I would be most grateful if they would get in touch.

Nathaniel Brooks

6 Carla Beck Lane, Carleton-in-Craven, Skipton, N. Yorks, BD23 3BU