Letters - April 03, 2015

One reader believes the public should be of more assistance to Lancashire's dwindling police force
One reader believes the public should be of more assistance to Lancashire's dwindling police force
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We can all tackle crime prevention

Time to support police


I agree with Stephen Pierre (Your Say, March 30)‘Time to back the force.’

I was a volunteer in the police for 10 years. The department I was in was wiped off the map by the austerity cuts.

I also worked as a volunteer for many years with victims of crime.

As a member of the public I experienced the work of the police from two angles.

I do feel the public underestimate the amount of extra tasks the police have to take on. These can divert police from actually preventing crime.

This is where the public could be of assistance to the police and do more about crime prevention.

There would be less temptation and opportunities for crime if many of us could give more help and support to the police.

I read that in 1921 there was 57,000 police officers in England and Wales dealing with 103,000 recorded offences. In 2009 when police numbers reached an all time high, there were 144,000 dealing with 4,655,000 recorded crimes - a 16 fold increase in their work load.

The continual savage austerity cuts will mean the thin blue line will always be stretched to the point it can hardly cope.

This could mean in the future we could all be at risk of becoming a victim of crime.

P. O’Connor

Portland Road


Zone will be clogged up

Traffic fears

An enterprise zone for Blackpool Airport?

What a laugh – or should that be a groan?

The existing parking problem highlighted in Monday’s Your Say page is only part of it.

Double the size of the present business and retail area and there will be complete deadlock.

It’s difficult enough getting out of the site now.

Before they lay a single brick there should be another entrance and exit in place.Preferably two!

Barry Band


Take care of your eyes

DIY dangers

With the bank holiday weekend now here, it’s a timely reminder for millions of DIY enthusiasts out there to take extra care of their eyes and wear a pair of safety goggles when they attempt any home improvements.

As the UK’s leading sight loss charity, RNIB (Royal National Institute of Blind People) is keen to see a reduction in the thousands of eye injuries caused each year by things like concrete chips and wood splinters.

DIY doesn’t have to be a risk to eyes so long as people follow a few simple rules.

Wear safety goggles with side shields at all times particularly when sawing, hammering, sanding or drilling.

The glasses should be impact resistant and adhere to relevant British standards (BSEN 166) and only cost a few pounds from DIY shops.

Some chemicals should only be used while wearing eye protection to avoid splash injuries that could have serious consequences to your sight. Read manufacturer’s instructions carefully.

Make sure there is enough light to see what you’re doing and wear your safety goggles over your usual glasses or contact lenses to make sure you can see clearly.

If an accident takes place, RNIB advises that you seek immediate medical assistance.

In the meantime, don’t rub your eyes as this can make things worse.

Matthew Athey

RNIB Eye Health Information Service Manager

Make most of new flights


Hooray, Citywing are back at Blackpool Airport.

I only hope that the tourism departments of the Isle of Man and Blackpool and Northern Ireland can get together and promote the three holiday destinations to the full to make the most of this opportunity.

I know its not the flights to the sun that many folk enjoyed in Lancashire, but surely we can encourage people to make the most of these two traditional British holiday areas, especially if the summer is as lovely as the last one.

Not all of us can afford to fly to our holiday flats in Spain, worse luck, so some of us have been happy to make the most of Staycations as they are called.

As a child I enjoyed many happy weeks with friends near Douglas.

If we could get more people to come over from Northern Ireland it would be a boost for the Blackpool economy and in return we could promote what the good people of Belfast and the like have to offer.

It’s time to back Britain and our airport and you never know if it’s a success then maybe we can show them that it’s worth bringing back the bigger airlines.

B. Smith


Lifeboat collection


On behalf of everyone at Blackpool Lifeboat Station, we would like to say a big thankyou to management, staff and customers of Asda at Cherry Tree Road, Blackpool, for helping to raise £863.48 at a recent collection at the store.

Christine Parry

Lifeboat secretary