Letters - April 01, 2015

Parking concerns have been raised by one parent outside Baines School
Parking concerns have been raised by one parent outside Baines School
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Please park more safely near school

Inconsiderate drivers

One reader believes Jeremy Paxman only helps turn voters off with his reporting style

One reader believes Jeremy Paxman only helps turn voters off with his reporting style


Today, March 26, I witnessed two pieces of inconsiderate parking around Baines School in Poulton which is a regular event for those who live in the immediate area.

Firstly a parent decided it was appropriate to park on the corner of Sefton Avenue and Highcross Road to drop her children off, despite the fact there are double yellow lines on that particular corner.

OnHighcross Road there are zig zag lines asking parents to keep these areas free at all times.

Despite the area outside the school being free of vehicles a parent thought it OK to park on the zig zags rather than use the free area where it is permissible to park.

Why do these people think they are above the law?

My belief is that because the areas outside Baines are not policed they know they will not be prosecuted.

It is the same parents and vehicles who regularly transgress and they are part of the modern culture who only care about themselves.

A plea for the county council to address this daily problem by requesting the police to be in attendance at the beginning and end of the school day and issue tickets and not give the culprits the option of being given a warning.

From a cynical point of view the response will probably be that it is the fault of the school that this type of selfishness is happening.

Paul Raynor

Brompton Road


Dismay at litter lout

Bad example

It was with utter shock and dismay that on Saturday, early evening, I witnessed a young woman pull up outside my house, lean over her young child, open the car door and dump all her McDonalds rubbish on the grass verge.

How are children to learn right from wrong, when the person they look to for guidance acts in such an abhorrent manner.

Is it any wonder children grow up these days without values or respect if their parents show no direction whatsoever.

Would it really have been too much trouble to wait until she got home to dispose of her rubbish properly in the bin?

S. Gillett

Lawson Road


Voters are turned off


Just when you thought it was safe to have an intelligent debate and interviews during a General Election because Jeremy Paxman had left Newsnight – along he comes on Channel 4 with his usual imperious, sneering, aggressive interview that is all about him and nothing about what it should be.

Is it any wonder voters are turned off in their droves by this kind of reporting.

And talking of being turned off as a voter.

Every major election candidate for the Conservatives, Labour and UKIP for Blackpool South do not even live in Blackpool South.

What is that all about?

If they think it is so marvelous why not live among us and work with us?

No wonder I am cynical and despair for the future of Blackpool.

Mark Smith

Mere Road


Little bispham day trips

Nice walk

I agree with the letter writer who said there was not enough parking available for people wanting to take day trips to Cleveleys.

What about going to Little Bispham instead?

You can get there by bus or tram, and there are nice places to sit and relax on the Promenade.

It is also a nice walk from Cleveleys or from Norbreck.

Mrs M. Riding

Eastpines Drive


Seagull struggles

Food fears

I’m writing in reply to the article about sea birds moving on.

I want to state that, with the fishing industry almost decimated in Fleetwood, the seagulls struggle to find food and struggle to feed their young.

Less than half their young survive and are hit by cars or poisons.

I have a message for people who don’t have any compassion for the seagulls; they are animals, like any other animal.

People also call them vermin and I think there is a lot of vermin in the human race.

I prefer rats and seagulls to a lot of people in this world.

I think it is time for people who have no compassion for the seagulls or other animals to move on.

I’m on the seagulls’ side

David Scarfe

Lindel Road, Fleetwood