Letters - 9 September 2011

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WITH reference to the article about St Thomas’s Road and speeding motorcycles (Gazette September 6), it makes the use of speed cameras in other places look positively academic.

Lancashire Constabulary are fining drivers for a mere few miles per hour over the stated limit.

Many people have always contended motorists are being purely used as the proverbial ‘cash cow’, but we need motorists to keep the economy moving.

Now we learn motorcyclists are doing 70 mph up St Thomas’s Road and residents are pleading for more cameras which really wouldn’t solve anything.

These ‘super bikes’ are quite capable of doing more than 120mph in third gear, which makes 70mph look like you are standing still.

Even if they manage to stop it in St Thomas’s, what is to stop it happening on Clifton Drive. The distance between Blackpool and St Annes makes 200mph achieveable.

North Yorkshire has long been plagued with this problem.

Sooner or later, these stationary cameras will have to be scrapped in favour of a more updated approach to road safety.


Jubilee Way

St Annes

WE wish to express our sincere thanks to a mystery couple in a small white car who were driving on Low Moor Road, Bispham, on Thursday, September 1 around 8.30pm.

Our 13-year-old son had a nasty pushbike accident, resulting in a badly broken wrist which required a three-day stay in hospital. This wonderful couple picked him up and drove him home.

It’s nice to know there are still good caring people out there.

Thank you.


Tyrone Avenue


SO visitors are being urged to pay £1 a head to view Blackpool Illuminations, following the news that last year’s total street collection was just under £100,000 (Gazette September 7).

How much would this figure have been without the administration charges incurred by the council?

Just how many of these £1 gifts would be swallowed up in the cost of having the money counted?

Would visitors to the so-called greatest free show on Earth be as generous if they knew how much was wiped out in this way?