Letters - 8/2/11

High winds and High tides Batter the North West Coast , Children Dodge the waves  Pix Dave Nelson
High winds and High tides Batter the North West Coast , Children Dodge the waves Pix Dave Nelson
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IT was very disturbing to see the photograph on the front of The Gazette (February 5) of children risking life and limb to play chicken during last week’s high tide and stormy seas.

In the summer I often visit that very spot for a coffee at the Hole In The Wall cafe and see children, sometimes with parents present, behaving with reckless regard for their own safety.

It is a difficult conundrum as without this recklessness we could not expect our youngsters to have saved us in the Battle of Britain or be out there for their country in Afghanistan.

As a society we all have a responsibility to each other and warn, restrain and even assist where possible those in danger from whatever cause, however, Blackpool Council’s Beach Patrol need to rethink their priorities.

I observed from there they have a jet-ski to assist in their efforts and run it on fuel paid for by us. I have never seen it used to assist in rescues but simply as a jaunt for staff to enjoy in calm seas, which, as we all know, are rare enough.

Where did they get the authority to purchase and run such a toy? Surely the inshore lifeboats of the RNLI are much better placed and more practical in a real rescue scenario and a jet-ski is impractical for most of our sea conditions.

So come on Blackpool Council, don’t hide behind public service cuts and get real, spend wisely and exercise more control.


Kingston Avenue

South Shore

I READ with dismay Blackpool Council are withdrawing all-year cover of the beach and Promenade by the Beach Patrol service.

It is fully understandable in these difficult times the council should be looking at every possible opportunity to cut out waste, be much more efficient and to dispense with frivolous services. The council has pledged the axe would not fall on frontline services.

How much more frontline does a service have to be than to prevent death and injury to the towns citizens and visitors?