Letters - 31-01-12

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I GOT back to my parked car in Queen’s Square, Blackpool, on Friday after watching Billy Connolly and certainly had the smile wiped off my face by a parking ticket.

Why has the council changed the status of left-hand parking bays to a taxi rank, this after decades of unrestricted night-time parking?

It’s not a taxi rank in the normal sense as the taxis line up in front of the bays, they don’t park in them as they wouldn’t be able to move up one-by-one when hired.

You have known in the past that when you’ve park there you’ll get blocked in by taxis later on, but you accept that.

Is this extra money for the council? That’s all I can think of.


Mayfield Avenue


Why the restrictions?

WITH regard to the restricted height barriers which have recently been placed at the entrances to Poulton’s Teanlowe car park (Gazette, January 24), surely all that is needed here to resolve this problem is a little consideration, communication and consultation.

Clearly, people with mobility vehicles of a certain height can experience difficulty, and the fact that emergency vehicles cannot access the car park without any delay could be critical.

The consequences of them having to stop and undo a combination padlock in order to open a barrier, in a potential life and death situation, fire or accident, doesn’t bear thinking about.

Poulton residents Mr and Mrs Wright have enjoyed their regular visits to the Teanlowe shopping centre for some time, due to its conveniently placed disabled parking spaces and general ease of access, particularly for their vehicle which is necessary to accommodate an electric mobility chair.

It is a shame that these fixed barriers now prevent them from doing this.

It is puzzling that these eventualities have maybe not been considered earlier, but we are where we are.

So come on, get round the table and sort it out, for the good of the town and for the benefit of the people who need to use its facilities.

One further point, all these barriers carry a sign which states 6’ 9” (two metres). This is incorrect. The Imperial equivalent of two metres is 6’ 7”.


Blackpool Old Road


Pie in the sky?

I WOULD like the London route reinstated from Blackpool Airport.

Also at this time of year, Jet2 only seem to have one flight a week which is the Friday one to Tenerife.

Surely they could fly to more Canary Islands destinations.

I would like Cyprus, Croatia and Greece to be included in new destinations, but they seem to be pie in the sky as Jet2 doesn’t seem to be interested in new routes from Blackpool.


Rangeway Avenue

South Shore

More routes

I AM really pleased to see a new route from Blackpool Airport to Picardy in France has been announced (Gazette, January 28).

Hopefully I will be able to take advantage of it soon.

We would also like to see a route further south if possible, for example to Marseille or Nice.