Letters - 3 March, 2011

Roadworks on the Promenade
Roadworks on the Promenade
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I FEAR the worst when the Promenade re-opens as a two-way single lane, with buses, taxis and holiday traffic trying to go about their business.

I see the result of traffic management every time I shop on Westcliffe Drive.

Traffic is backed up to the Tesco Express at the former Windmill pub in a southerly direction, and back to Layton Square in a northerly direction. With the Prom down to a single lane, we will see utter chaos in Clifton Street, Talbot Road, Abingdon Street and Dickson Road.

Caunce Street to the Old Bridge, Lytham Road, takes possibly 10 minutes normally, but now 25 minutes is the norm.


Caunce Street


I CAN’T believe that when the new Promenade is complete in front of the Tower it will go into single lane traffic. I think someone should start thinking about plan B – bottleneck.


Daggers Hall Lane