Letters - 28 February 2011

Child poverty
Child poverty
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AFTER reading about child poverty (Gazette February 23), it makes me think about my childhood days.

I knew what real poverty was. My mum brought up eight children, dad had a very small wage, no hand-outs, lunch when we came home was an OXO cube with bread in it.

There were 10 of us in a two up, two down house with no bathroom and the toilet at the bottom of the yard, but that was our life. No TVs, no computers, like most kids have today.

Don’t tell me there are kids out there like that. It was real poverty, but we got through.

They ought to be thankful for what they have. I am thankful for what I have now.



Make badge hard to misuse

IT’S nothing new that the last Government did nothing to stop illegal use of blue badges for disabled people, but it seems this new Government are going to make disabled people jump through more hoops to see if we need a badge, and a good many getting the badge now will not be in the future.

The blue badge is no longer £2, not in Blackpool, it’s free.

I would be happy to pay £10, or more, and no, I’m not well off, but if it means that paying £10 or £50 will stop many getting their hands on a badge, so be it.

It could be made safer, and it could be policed a lot better.

We know our police have their hands full, but traffic wardens have the power to move or take away a badge if they feel it’s being used illegally.

Anyone who’s not the person on the permit should have their car taken off them say for two months, plus six points on their licence and a £3,000 fine.

It would stop a lot of misuse.

But why not make the badge far harder for someone else to use it?

At the moment it’s got a photo of the badge holder on one side, but why not your national insurance number along with finger prints or car registration?



Horse ride left holes

I HOPE the cavalry that stomped its way through Carleton Green will be happy with the result.

As we have no legal bridle paths, someone has ridden a large and heavy horse from Maldern Avenue, past the play park over Farnham Way, to another field leaving huge deep holes.

I don’t know if such deep holes can right themselves. If not, our local children won’t be able to play without risk to ankles or worse. One stretch will affect our young footballers as the deep holes are just about in the goal mouth.



Hospital was very clean

I HAVE spent the last six weeks on Ward 18 of Victoria Hospital and have never seen a place so clean. The cleaners were working hard all day on both the wards and corridors to keep them as pristine and hygienic as possible.

The elderly people on my ward were also helped with their food and drinks three times a day by the nurses.

I would like to thank them for all that they have done for me and for everybody else. I just hope the public don’t think that all NHS staff are as bad as some of those reported in the media.