Letters - 28-03-12

The Blackpool Household Waste Recycling Centre, Bristol Ave, Bispham.
The Blackpool Household Waste Recycling Centre, Bristol Ave, Bispham.
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ON visiting the recycling depot at Bristol Avenue, I noticed that from May anyone wishing to use the rubble skip will need a permit.

This will cost £5 and may only be used once a month.

As well, on each visit only three bags weighing 25 kilos each are allowed.

A similar scheme was established a few years ago for trailers. You can bring the same rubbish in your car but not in a trailer.

It seems strange the council are doing this as I understand the contents of the rubble skip are sold to a local contractor.

The idea presumably is to force people doing any work involving rubble to hire a skip. I believe a small skip at the moment costs about £90. However if you are doing a small job this ruling would make the job very expensive.

I feel the restrictions with the permit are excessive. One wonders how long it will be before you will need a permit even to enter the site.


Oxford Road


BLACKPOOL is to receive £1m to help buses run on time (Gazette March 24). This might be fine but many residents feel the problematic circumstances of the last few years are largely due to endless, poorly thought out changes to the town’s road system.

Not only have there been the changes but often work has also had to be redone or the original work has taken far longer than originally scheduled.

The latest examples being areas of the almost newly laid tram tracks being repaired due to poor new foundations, the work on Waterloo Road roundabout, and all the problems of poor workmanship and the safety issues of the new Promenade.

It is clear the people of Blackpool feel the management has been very poor and those providing the funding have seemingly not paid enough attention once the funds have been passed to the council.

Included in this must also be the huge amount of money spent on changes and road signage attached to cycling in areas where there is virtually no chance seeing a cyclist.

It is also clear whichever political party is supposedly in charge, the council officers seem to be beyond culpability.

In the forefont of these issues is the local highways department and I can remember Eric Pickles MP stating councils really need to take proper charge of their highways departments as this is usually an area of much waste. In Blackpool it certainly seems many think so.



WHAT amazing old- fashioned customer service I have received from Thinxbig on Cocker Square in Blackpool.

I purchased a dressing gown for my dad who lives in Wigan for Christmas. Unfortunately it didn’t fit him, but I wasn’t able to return it for six weeks, which I thought would cause a problem as it does at most shops these days.

How wrong I was.

The owners were amazing and it was no trouble at all. I swapped the dressing gown for three T-shirts, which due to my mistake I also had to return.

Once again when I returned them, I received the same helpful service. I finally purchased items for my dad, and the whole experience means I will always shop there.

Thank you so much for your help, patience and understanding.

If more shops provided this level of customer care and understanding they would last a lot longer in business.


South Shore