Letters - 27-06-12

Glyn Bailey and his band, The Many Splendid Things performing at the bandstand at Stanley Park.
Glyn Bailey and his band, The Many Splendid Things performing at the bandstand at Stanley Park.
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GIVEN the disappointments of the recent Promenade festivities, I would just like to say what a cracking free music event took place last Sunday afternoon at the bandstand in Stanley Park.

I also want to let others know they are taking place each Sunday, from 2pm onwards, throughout the summer.

The joie de vivre of the Poulton Peoples Choir had us all tapping our feet and singing along to popular tunes, and Glyn Bailey and his band, The Many Splendid Things, were superb.

While new to me, I found their distinctive sound (like a cross between Bowie and Peter Gabriel) refreshing; and their original songs almost folk-like, as each had an atmospheric story to tell.

Having missed the beginning of the event I’ll certainly make sure I’m in the front row at the start of the next.

Well done, Friends of Stanley Park.

Caroline Preston

South Shore,


TOMORROW, the Queen will unveil the new Bomber Command Memorial in Green Park, London, to honour those heroes of the skies who lost their lives in the Second World War.

Bomber Command crews had an average age of 22 years, many were only 18 and 60 per cent of airmen became casualties. Of these 55,000 were killed.

Perversely, Bomber Command crews were the only servicemen not to have been publicly honoured after the war.

Among the reasons given was the view that strategic bombing had killed German civilians.

Such views ignored the fact that, before D Day, bombing the German homeland was the only option open to this country.

Before 1944, precision air attacks on military and industrial targets were impossible owing to inadequate technology.

The bombing offensive forced Hitler to divert aircraft from Russia, and some 10,000 anti-aircraft guns had to be removed from the fighting fronts and deployed for home defence.

Critics should also remember bombing was a military operation designed to hasten the collapse of Germany.

By contrast, Germany’s massacres were carried out against defenceless people who could not retaliate.

It is fitting the brave crews of Bomber Command will at last be honoured by the Queen, for far too long they have been given inadequate recognition for their wartime bravery.


Fieldfare Close


I WOULD like to thank all the small local businesses who donated prizes for our charity fun day and auction on Saturday, June 16.

Even though the day was very wet, we managed to raise an amazing £350 to help us provide extra treats for children in our care.

A particular thank-you to the staff at B&Ms and the stall holders in Abingdon Street Market; to Joanne from Jo Jingles; and finally a very big thank you to Christy Sandford, our chairman, for all her hard work, and Shani McMillan for helping her.


Busy Bees Pre-School

Raikes Parade