Letters - 26/01/11

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ON behalf of our local park friends group, I would like to express our concern regarding the proposed financial cuts the council will have to make.

It is inevitable these cuts will curtail the activities of many of the council departments and their ability to support the many voluntary local groups.

We therefore urge the council to recognise the great works undertaken by our Parks Department over recent years.

Not only have they updated and improved our town’s existing parks, allotments and open spaces, but they have created new areas of community excellence, much appreciated by local residents.

The department’s support of new friends groups through advice and on site consultation has been invaluable resulting in a number of Green Flag awards.

We would urge the council to do their utmost to retain the services of this department, as to lose this fund of knowledge and expertise would be detrimental to the health and wellbeing of the residents of this borough.



Friends of Louie

Horrocks Park

Shocking figures revealed on aid

I LEARNED recently of a study undertaken by the charity Christian Aid which has revealed shocking figures.

Aid from the developed countries totals $120bn per year. At the same time multi-national companies operating in these struggling countries are evading tax to the tune of $160bn per year. They are being cheated and robbed of far more than they are given.

I think world leaders need to bring the pressure to bear on these companies to play fair and enable the undeveloped countries to benefit from revenue, which is rightfully theirs, and reduce the need for someone else (us) to pick up the bill. I understand the website: www.actionaid.org.uk has details of specific instances.



Tracing South Africa emigre

I WOULD like to hear from any readers with connections to the Blackpool Trekkers who set out from the town to start a new life in South Africa after the war.

I know The Gazette carried some articles about these expeditions a few years ago, but would really like to hear from anyone who either took part or had relatives or friends involved.

I can be contacted by phone on 07810 656118 or by email on hamiltonian@hotmail.co.uk.


Head of Communications,

Government Office for the North West

A sad loss

I WAS deeply saddened and heartbroken to read of the sad loss of Doreen Holt, the Liberal Democrat councillor for Bloomfield ward. Doreen was a pillar of the community, adored by everyone who met her, and who always put others first. I’ll miss seeing her and having a friendly chat and also talking to her at Mecca Bingo. She was a special lady, missed forever, but never forgotten.


Ribble Road,