Letters - 25-07-12

Mystery picturesfor Fylde Quiz - Kirkham.  Market Square - Fish Stones.
Mystery picturesfor Fylde Quiz - Kirkham. Market Square - Fish Stones.
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COUN Fazackerley’s comments in relation to Fylde’s cabinet decision to use the £100,000 Innovation Fund on business consultants aptly demonstrate the problem Kirkham and the rural Fylde has with the unfair and undemocratic cabinet system at Fylde, where seven people make decisions which affect the whole borough.

Coun Fazackerley states the Innovation Fund is not linked to Kirkham’s Portas bid but we have been assured all the areas in receipt of this funding had bids into the Portas Pilot competition.

As Kirkham was the only area which submitted a bid we are convinced this is the reason the council has received this funding.

The portfolio holder for planning and development admitted Kirkham is the ‘Cinderella of the Fylde’ when it comes to town centre enhancement but stated town centre enhancement is not innovative.

We were incensed at this comment as we have seen millions of pounds spent on enhancement in Lytham and St Annes and £200,000 is to be spent on Ansdell this year, which is not even a town centre.

Kirkham has many innovative ideas but without the funding it is never going to be given the opportunity to put them into practice.


Kirkham councillors

DAVID Cameron has promised to turn the Olympic Games ‘into gold for Britain’. Given the recent security shambles, burgeoning costs and the almost certain transport chaos in London I fear he will find this promise very hard to keep.

Every modern Olympiad, including this one, has been deliberately over-sold in order to mask the horrendous costs involved. This one is no exception.

We are told, for example, costs will be outweighed by the economic benefits, and that people will be inspired to exercise more. Much research, however, demonstrates that both of these claims are rubbish.

The original estimate for the, forthcoming games was £2.4bn. It has now been increased to a minimum of £9bn. The Aquatic Centre alone cost £269m.

There is no way these costs will be met let alone exceeded by economic benefits. Evidence from every recent Olympics shows that any increase in sporting activity is very short-lived, particularly when facilities are poor.

The Olympic Park and the Veladrome are indeed excellent but who will use them when the games end?

One group, however, will benefit, namely those thousands of London workers who have been told to work from home for two weeks in order to ease the traffic congestion.

Over 1000 years ago the Roman Emperor Theodosius banned the Olympic Games believing them to be pagan. Some of us are beginning to think he was a very astute man.


Fieldfare Close


I WAS delighted to learn I was one of the winners in the Berlitz language phrase book and CD pack competition.

Many thanks to The Gazette for running the competition and to APA Publications for providing this very useful prize.


Church Road

St Annes