Letters - 24-04-12

Thornton Little Theatre
Thornton Little Theatre
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AS principal of the Blackpool and Fylde Dance Academy, I am writing in response to the recent articles regarding Thornton Little Theatre, and the increase of hire charges.

I have used Thornton Little Theatre since 2005 for our annual dance school productions.

I had a meeting arranged to discuss our show for July 2012.

I was expecting an astronomical increase in costs, and feared the worst, thinking our show would have to cancel, as there would be no possible means of meeting the new increased hire charges.

However, after my meeting with the events manager, I am pleased to say the fees we will be charged are no greater than last year.

And after discussing my requirements, I left the meeting with complete confidence and found the new events manager both professional and accommodating.

I would like to point out information regarding the hire charges can be found on the Wyre Council website.

If you are a community group or a business looking for a venue to hire, I would recommend using Thornton Theatre, as it is such a versatile space.


Angers Hill Road


ASK anyone about the police force and it will typically spark a number of criticisms, including from myself, but on this occasion it would be remiss of me not to redress the balance, and offer credit where it is very much due.

Last week, I had my car stolen while working around Blackpool, but because the police acted promptly, the car ID was in circulation within a few minutes.

It was soon spotted by a police officer many miles from the scene of theft, whereupon the thief was pulled over and subsequently detained, and I was informed soon after.

I was later picked up by a police car and taken to be re-united with my car and contents intact.

This entire episode, from theft to repossession of my vehicle, was executed within the space of two hours.

Not in every case can such a speedy and successful result be brought about, but it still remains a credit to the police of Poulton division that their speed of action and vigilance brought about a positive result, and minimised my trauma of being without a car and unable to work down to a mere couple of hours.


South Shore


IN his comments on fracking, Fylde MP Mark Menzies demands a “gold standard of regulation” (Gazette April 18).

My worry is that a small earthquake might trigger a very large one.

It will be too late for protest marches and rallies when properties collapse, and Blackpool Tower lies horizontal in the Irish Sea.

Now is the time for community leaders opposed to fracking to mobilise public opinion against the activities of Cuadrilla Resources.


Park Road