Letters - 24/01/11

Potholes on Whinney Heys, Blackpool
Potholes on Whinney Heys, Blackpool
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Blackpool is performing badly in the pothole stakes.

The evidence is clear for all to see, even before the recent cold weather.

This has caused me to think about the way Blackpool Council spends the council tax pounds it demands from me.

Obviously, not enough is being spent on road repairs.

Also, obviously there are a lot of road improvement schemes being undertaken, which make the situation worse.

For example, Westcliffe Drive, Layton, Central Drive, speed bumps every 50 yards, Bispham Village roundabout (redone every third Wednesday), Birley Street rebuilt twice in three years, the list goes on and on.

It occurs to me that Blackpool councillors (past and present) have been looking to make a name for themselves by pushing grandiose schemes and ignoring the day-to-day maintenance when deciding budgets.

What worries me most of all is if they can do this to the things I can see and judge for myself – the roads. What is happening to the pounds they spend on the less obvious stuff like schools and social services?

I would like to see a pound’s worth of value for every pound they take from me.

John Harrison

Ingleway Avenue


I MUST alert readers to the potentially catastrophic implications of the NHS reforms published this week by the Tory-led government.

These reforms have no electoral mandate, given there was little or no detail about them in the manifestos and coalition agreement.

Pushing the newly set up GP consortia into competitive tendering for patient services will result in a staggering increase in private sector involvement, not only in the administration of commissioning but also in provision of healthcare.

All organisations representing NHS staff, and all trade unions who represent administrative workers in the NHS, have major criticisms about this huge reorganisation.

On the other hand, private healthcare companies are ecstatic about the proposed legislation.

David Pledger

Toronto Avenue


I understand MP Mark Menzies’ views on the subject of prisons in the Gazette’s Livewire column, and agree in general with points he made regarding the issue of rehabilitation, but his comments do serve to highlight the short-sighted approach that has become the norm in this country.

Why do we never look at the root cause and work from there? Any country with a destroyed economy shall experience rising levels of crime. So expect to see an ever increasing number of criminals waiting in the wings, brought about by politicians in the name of Cameron, who has ensured a leap in crime by needlessly making more jobless and homeless and impossible costs in living from the VAT increase!

Only a stable economy keeps crime at a manageable level so there lies the real answer in prevention.

Chris Wiseman

South Shore