Letters - 23 September 2011

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Regarding Mr Riley’s letter concerning Blackpool Airport (The Gazette, September 12).

Regarding Mr Riley’s letter concerning Blackpool Airport (The Gazette, September 12).

The charge at Manchester airport short stay is £2 for the first half hour and then £4 for up to one hour.

When travelling that far, how can you tell how long you are going to be waiting?

Plus you have the cost of petrol and the extra travelling time to get to the airport

Who wants a cafe when picking someone up? There is a cafe in the departure lounge when waiting for a flight.

Who wants to use the exchange bureau when you are constantly warned about the poor exchange rates at airports?

I go abroad three or four times a year and I would not dream of going to an airport needing foreign currency or money from an ATM.

I don’t know about WH Smith because I take a paper with me but it has always been open when I have been there.

The cost of the plastic bags is the same at all airports but I believe you can buy them elsewhere.

Who wants information when you are picking someone up? The flight arrival time is on the screens

As for the £10 charge. We left our car there a couple of weeks ago and it was great not to bother anybody or pay for a taxi.

How can you say that people that use Blackpool airport haven’t got a car?

Why then are there hundreds of cars on the car park?

I and all my friends love Blackpool Airport my only regret is that there not more destinations.

At Christmas we shall be going from Manchester Airport.

It will cost £100 for a taxi (that is including a tip) and we have to be there four hours before the flight.

That means we have to leave home five-and-a-half hours before our flight is due to take off. When we go from Blackpool we usually arrive one hour before the flight is due to depart and are home in 10 minutes on our return. Great!

Long live Blackpool Airport.


Pavey Close


I would like to say three rousing cheers for the organisers and participants of the open air music festival in Kirkham on Sunday, September 18

It was wonderful to see many people of all ages from Kirkham taking part and enjoying this event. Well done to all. It would be nice to have more free open air music festivals here in Kirkham.

john aspinall


When will drivers start to look before driving through pedestrian crossings?

On numerous occasions, when I cross the road on the new zebra crossing on Lytham Road, drivers are oblivious to the crossing. It’s only a matter of time before there is an accident.

So come on drivers, eyes open, look left and right.

Thomas Crocker

Lytham Road, South Shore

It is a complete disgrace that a New Zealand mother should be deported from the UK whilst convicted foreign criminals are entitled to stay to preserve their family life.

The Kiwis are our kith and kin.

They supported us magnificently at great cost in two world wars, and supplied much of our food until we ditched them in favour of the European food mountain.

The lady concerned is no burden on the state.

What about her right to family life?

Surely, whatever the rules, this decision can be re-examined on its merits with compassion.

Where are our MPs?

Richard Hook

Devonshire Road