Letters - 23-07-12

Rail electrification
Rail electrification
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AS a regular rail user I saw the news of the Government’s long overdue investment in a rail system suitable for the 21st century as a slightly welcome development.

But, it is far too little, too late to save the many jobs lost at infrastructure and train-making companies in the UK over the last few years.

Japanese and German rail makers will be laughing all the way to the bank, while we rail users continue to pay the highest fares in Europe.

And, to attach this to the already announced, but strangely so far unstarted electrification to Blackpool is totally out of order.

Equally for the minister to say this will go some way to removing the north south divide on train provision is so out of touch, as to be laughable.

I say that, as the trains we are getting to operate our ‘new’ electric services are the worn out current ‘Thameslink’ Bedford to Brighton class 319 units, built in 1987, while, once again the south get new and far more usable new rolling stock.

So the reality is, once again London win while they send their old worn out stuff up north.


Valentia Road


This doesn’t sound a good idea for the whole area, or for the pub. I’ve never seen the car park full anyway.

Al Batros

The Castle Gardens does very well, it’s a busy pub. It is not going to increase business by creating a pay and display car park.

I really do think the idea should be dropped as quickly as possible.


Many will park on the road instead, on every road within walking distance, meaning more traffic problems.

The pub should remember it is part of the community, and can easily find itself ostracised if it starts to throw its weight around.

People have long memories!


I can understand why the pub would want to cash in, but really, does it have to?

Talk about lack of community spirit.