Letters - 21-01-11

An ambulance makes its way through motorists
An ambulance makes its way through motorists
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WE write in appreciation of the excellent service provided by Blackpool’s Ambulance Emergency Units.

On January 14 at 3.30pm, I dialled 999 due to a domestic accident to my wife who, being disabled, had fallen in the bathroom.

Due to my own disability I was unable to help her.

Within a short time an emergency ambulance had arrived, paramedics Guy Kenny and Brent Saunders quickly attended to my wife – lifting her with care and examined her several minor injuries.

No better service could have been given at that time. Our sincere thanks to the men for their care and attention to, what could have been, a more serious situation.


Links Road

Knott End

I WOULD like to tell you of my experience of the NHS in Blackpool. The attention I have received from the doctors at Bloomfield Medical Centre, the Walk-In Centre, on Whitegate Drive, and the Victoria Hospital was second to none.

I have recently had a full hip replacement operation at Victoria Hospital and all the doctors, surgeons, nurses and all staff were so good to me.

I could not have received better treatment anywhere in the world.


Woodfield Road


Stop this scam

I THINK the Govern-ment should stop mobility allowance for people who can walk.

As a retired pub manager, I have met lots of people who claim mobility allowance and there is nothing wrong with them.

It’s a scam, it must stop.


Dickson Road