Letters - 2 March, 2011

Antony Johns of Blackpool Pleasure Beach
Antony Johns of Blackpool Pleasure Beach
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MY wife and I had the pleasure of taking the Stageworks Costume Tour at Blackpool Pleasure Beach, and it was really interesting.

We were taken backstage at the Ice Arena, to see dressing rooms, quick change areas (some artists wear as many as 24 costumes in one show), and then on stage, to see the arena from the artists’ viewpoint.

We saw the wardrobe department, where they have more than 10,000 costumes, which have been made in-house, then we had demonstrations of how costumes were made, how hats were fitted with feathers, and how each piece of diamante was applied to the costumes one by one.

The completed costumes could only be described as fabulous.

The star of the event was our guide, Antony Johns, who described everything brilliantly and obviously loves his job.

It was two hours well spent.

If you get the chance, go.


Devonshire Road


I FEEL it’s about time for me to write about the appalling state of the town. I’ve just driven down what used to be the Promenade. It now resembles a war zone.

I then walked down St John’s Square, which used to be a hive of activity. Sadly now it’s a wilderness zone, void of traffic and business, not to mention the many cycle areas used by all those invisible cyclists.

I’m not political, but Blackpool needs people with vision and plenty of common sense, which has been sadly lacking for far too long.

I live in hope.


Clifton Drive North

St Annes

SINCE when has Festival Park on Rigby Road been an exercise area for dogs? (Gazette February 23).

The owner of the two rottweilers complaining about them getting an electric shock from a lamppost, is a perfect example of the many irresponsible dog owners.

Dogs should not be using Festival Park as an exercise area in the first place and secondly, more importantly, they should most definitely not be off their leads.

What about the danger posed to the general public using the park for genuine reasons, especially the many children to be found using these facilities.

(Name and address supplied)

ON Thursday February 24 at about 4pm I reported to the town hall that Fitzroy Road had been omitted from the recent street cleaning operation in the area.

Today (Friday) at about 9am we had a team putting things to right.

Can’t complain at that. Well done.


Fitzroy Road