Letters - 19-04-12

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LIKE any other brand new system, there have been teething troubles with the new tramway.

Who could have forecast a gale force north-easterly wind on the very first morning of operation?

This happens rarely but there have been similar derailments in Fleetwood in the past. Of course they didn’t attract such publicity.

Can anyone seriously believe the tramway, even with its current restrictions, is not a great improvement on the number 1 bus service that has been attempting to cope with passenger demand lately?

People are voting with their feet, by using the trams in great numbers. It is reminiscent of the past to see the large number of passengers both queuing for and riding on the modern, environmentally friendly and speedy vehicles.

For those who are not prepared to give it a go, there is still the parallel bus service.

Once the rest of the new trams have arrived and a full 10-minute daytime frequency, with hopefully 20-minute frequency in the summer evenings, is in operation and the contractors have finished the tidying up process, we will have a frequent, all year-round facility.

This will enable everyone to travel to and from work or leisure activities from early morning till late at night.

I am already finding that I can get where I want much more quickly, and things will only get better.

Put simply, be patient and join in the learning experience that Blackpool Transport and the council are going through. It will be worth it.



MY daughter and granddaughter are on holiday from Ireland.

They caught a tram from Blackpool to Little Bispham on Good Friday.

They stood up and rang the bell in plenty of time but the tram sailed past the stop.

They rang the bell for Anchorsholme, it didn’t stop until it reached Cleveleys.

She was informed by other passengers it’s a regular occurrence.

We have endured years of hold-ups and disruptions, we have had tram stops removed without discussion but it seems the drivers can decide to ignore requests to stop at official stops.

If it’s transport policy not to stop, it should be displayed on the front of the trams. This situation needs clarifying.

Remember it’s the locals who keep this town going in the winter.


Maplewood Drive


MAY I give thanks to Blackpool Operatic players for a spectacular and brilliant performance of Titanic at The Grand Theatre.

A very professional and moving musical by all players.

Scenery and music captured the tragedy, brilliantly creating the atmosphere of 100 years ago.

Blackpool certainly has talent and we don’t have to travel far to find it. Thanks for a truly wonderful evening.


St Annes