Letters - 19-03-12

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WHEN I first left school in 1962, I started working for a firm – H R Howards, Ashton-Under-Lyne. They were very forward thinking as when they started after the war they made provision for child care in the factory, so they didn’t lose skilled workers when they had children. They were always fully staffed.

This so-called caring government expects everyone to work, whether they have children or not. But child care is more than some people’s wages, especially if you have more than one child.

So why can’t child care be compulsory when big business apply to build?

They would only get planning permission if it was part of the plans, whether it would be the biggest banks, councils, hospitals, schools etc.

The only people who would be exempt would be family-run small business under 10 persons. It would solve most of the problems today and give jobs to lots of childcare nurses.


Annan Crescent


I WOULD like to offer my thanks to those who came to the aid of my daughter Eleanor when she was knocked over on March 6 on Fleetwood Road, Fleetwood.

My thanks go to the paramedics, the police traffic officer, the first responder from the Nautical Campus, the 2000 Taxis driver who let me pay later because I left my purse at home and all who came to Eleanor’s aid.

Thanks also to staff at Cardinal Allen School for ensuring the safety and well being of my other children, both in school and in getting them home again. Thank you to all the friends who have been in touch with countless offers of help and prayers for her and my fantastic neighbour and friend Margaret Taylor, who never left my side and who ensured I was at the hospital every day for Eleanor.

Thank-you to staff at Blackpool Victoria A&E department, the children’s ward and adolescent unit, especially Sam Snape: you were all fantastic.

Eleanor is recovering well. My thanks again to you all.



A COUPLE of weeks ago someone was talking about problems with parking, especially at Blackpool Victoria Hospital.

A comment was made about Park and Ride.

Well if you have a car, you have Park and Ride!

Just park your car near a bus route to the hospital, close to a bus stop.

Make sure the return ride goes along the same road though!

If you have a bus pass, even better.


Playa Penoncillo


I AM becoming increasingly weary reading the same comment from DWP spokespersons concerning welfare reforms. The Government maintains that the system is fairer.

I totally disagree.

Genuine sick and disabled people are having their financial help withdrawn regardless of their medical condition.

The private French company ATOS has received millions to declare everyone they “assess” as capable and fit for work.

If, after you send an appeal, you are “fortunate” enough to receive the new benefit called Employment and Support Allowance, you will have to manage on £67.50 per week.

It is no coincidence that ESA is the same amount as Jobseekers Allowance, why doesn’t Mr Cameron and co own up and come clean by telling the truth.

The truth is that he does not want to pay any benefit to anyone, but if he must then he wants everyone to get £67.50.

I know of someone bringing up his 11-year-old grandson who used to receive £93.00 per week sickness and income support. This has been reduced to the £67.50.

How is this fairer and how does it help someone unable to work? I would have thought this would make life harder for the two of them.


Claremont Court