Letters - 19/01/11

Tableaux on the promenade
Tableaux on the promenade
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REGARDING the proposal to think about moving the Illuminations tableaux from the cliff tops at Bispham (Gazette January 15), what a ridiculous idea.

Not only are they a part of the heritage of Blackpool, having been there since 1932, but what about the businesses in the north of town?

We have always been neglected here in Bispham, whenever work is done in Blackpool to improve the town.

To even consider moving the tableaux to the centre of town would mean the death knell for all the good accommodation providers, lovely restaurants and the wonderful variety of small, independent shops on Red Bank Road and in the village.

The catastrophe of the damage to the tableaux at the end of last season was very unfortunate but it was exceptional weather that caused it. Remember it did cause damage elsewhere as well.

As far as I know, apart from minor damage before, this is the first time in 80 years it has been so bad.

There is the same weather on the cliff tops as there will be on the headlands.

It might be a nice idea at a later stage, when money is available, to also put some illuminations on the headlands.

We as an association, being part of Blackpool Combined Association, collect from the pedestrians going along the tableaux and also hold a fundraising Banquet and Ball.

We annually donate to the Illumination Fund approximately £4,000.



Bispham Traders and Hoteliers Association

Pets not for Christmas

SADLY the January tidal wave of unwanted animals who had been given as Christmas presents has hit the re-homing shelters around Blackpool.

I find it quite unbelievable that people still do not understand that a dog is for life and not just for Christmas.

Animals do not make good surprise Christmas presents and sensible people understand that looking after an animal is a long-term commitment.

There are hundreds of animals at reputable shelters around Blackpool that now urgently need to be re-homed.

Many animals in shelters have already had a tough time, some have suffered appalling cruelty, so it’s important their next home is a home for life.

I hope next year Father Christmas will give more sensible presents.

The animals deserve better.


Four Paws UK

Cut numbers of councillors

I WAS impressed to read Blackpool councillors may agree to accept reduced allowances (Gazette January 13).

Coun Green makes a most sensible suggestion in saying there should be fewer councillors covering larger areas.

As a resident of Wyre, I look forward to reading in The Gazette about the offerings of the Wyre councillors. From Wyre Council website, with details as at March 2009 (2010 not yet shown), there appears to be 55 councillors for 26 wards with total allowances of £305,595.

When there is just one MP for each constituency, one can certainly see a need for local government reorganisation.

Perhaps one councillor per ward or say 10 wards in Wyre.

That level of change throughout the country really could have big financial savings.


New Lane