Letters - 18/2/2011

Reunion: Jim Williams and Bert Stillings Police involved with the arrest of James Hanratty for the A6 murder
Reunion: Jim Williams and Bert Stillings Police involved with the arrest of James Hanratty for the A6 murder
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THE article (Gazette February 14) “We Got The Right Man” about the arrest in Blackpool of James Hanratty, the so-called A6 murderer in 1961, shows how little police methods and attitudes have changed over the last 50 years.

The two former policemen who were featured say they would like to see the return of hanging as “most” people hanged were guilty.

Had the victims of miscarriages of justice in the Irish cases of the 1970s been hanged, along with more recent ones such as Stefan Kiszko, Barry George, and Colin Stagg, at least this would have avoided police embarrassment when they were later found to be entirely innocent.

The policemen also said that there was no DNA in their day, only “gut instinct”. No doubt once gut instinct had proved the guilt of a suspect, evidence – which, in my opinion, has always had a very low profile in police investigations – would be fabricated to back up their verdict, just as I believe it still is today.


Kirton Place


WHILE shopping in Marks and Spencers on January 31, I fell on the escalator and broke my arm.

I wish to say a big thank you to everyone who helped me – Gloria and the other girls – and also to a gentleman that saw me falling, and who prevented me from further injuries. Also to the three pleasant and caring ambulance men who took me to Victoria Hospital, where I was treated by wonderful nurses, doctors and surgeons.


Sharow Grove


ONE of the biggest complaints I have received recently has been about the proliferation of potholes in many roads in Fleetwood.

I have little doubt icy weather has been a factor in the deterioration of road surfaces, but lack of funds for maintenance and resurfacing is also starting to take its toll.

The good news, however, is we don’t have to suffer potholes, and if you report them, Lancashire County Council is required to make the repairs.

It is therefore our responsibility to report as many of the potholes on Fleetwood roads as possible, and get the roads back up to scratch.

The number for reporting pot-holes is Lancashire County Council’s customer services number: 0845 053 0011.

If you are fed up with potholes and want to see improvements on Fleetwood’s roads, then play your part and make a call.


Harbour Way


NEVER mind the problem of knowing what David Cameron’s Big Society means. It just doesn’t add up.

Tens of billions of cuts, including billions of cuts in the grants by local authorities to the voluntary sector and community organisations. To be replaced by what?

A £100m Transitional Fund to soften the blow. A mere spit in the ocean. A Big Society Bank with a fund of £200m – maybe. To lend at commercial rates and to be administered by the banks. So there goes the biggest chunk on bureaucracy. And good luck with your application for a loan.

Finally, £400m from dormant accounts held by the banks.

An insider has already disclosed that in anticipation of the Coalition’s raid on these accounts, the banks are already squirrelling away these funds. So that less than £50m will be left for the Big Society.


Topping Street