Letters - 13-06-12

Lonsdale coach park , Blackpool
Lonsdale coach park , Blackpool
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WHEN can the people of Blackpool and holidaymakers expect a new bus station?

I recently travelled by bus from Blackpool to London, departing from Central Car Park.

There is no adequate seating, nowhere for a hot drink or sandwich, and it was wet and windy and had insufficient shelter.

For a premier holiday resort, I find the situation as a disgrace.

What must visitors think upon arriving?

Lonsdale Road needs demolishing.

Litter everywhere is not a very nice welcome.

With all the regeneration, can we expect a new and modern bus station?

The new bus station in Birmingham is a good example, and Blackpool should follow its lead.


Lytham Road


WHAT a wonderful way to celebrate our Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

The families of Fleetwood came out in their hundreds for a family day out.

The weather was superb, venue stunning and the entertainment and competitions were enjoyed by everyone, ending the day with a beacon being lit on the Mount by the first lady of Fleetwood, Doreen Lofthouse, followed by a firework display to round off a wonderful day.

To the organisers, the Jubilee Committee, under the chairing of Margaret Lund, the members of Fleetwood Rotary, Fleetwood Town councillors and many volunteers, my many thanks.

It was joy to see local families using the Marine Gardens, so thank you Wyre Borough, and long may it continue.

Finally, to all the residents who have asked ‘What next?’, we have Fleetwood Carnival, the Olympic Torch and our famous Tram Sunday, so get ready to party.



Fleetwood Town Council

EVERY time a Labour MP asks the Tories to reconsider cuts (Gazette June 7), Tory MPs always reply that “Labour would do the same cuts if they were still in power”.

Can the Tory party in all honesty say Labour were going to take money off the disabled and their dependent children?

A typical example is a disabled person bringing up their grandchild being left with £27.50 per week to feed and clothe his/herself.

David Cameron is actually taking food off people’s plates and soon there will be widespread poverty of the like last seen in the days of the workhouse.


Claremont Court