Letters - 13-03-12

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WITH reference to the letters regarding pavement parking recently. I was a passenger in my wife’s legally parked car on St Albans Road, St Annes, on February 25 at 11.30am when a car parked directly on the pavement outside Gigli’s pie shop.

The lady driver made no effort whatsoever to find a legal roadside spot and went into a nearby cafe. After about 10 minutes she came out and went for a walk around the area.

I am a partial amputee with a mobility scooter and realise parking difficulties are problems for all drivers.

I do not wish to get anybody into trouble, but the comments about fines etc made in our local newspapers recently appear to be the cause of laughter for some residents.

The words by Coun Fazackerley and Inspector Ogle do not seem to be working. Please get something done.


Rudyard Place

St Annes

I WOULD like to know what the cost to the taxpayer has been for all the repairs to the tram lines – before it has even opened to the public.

How many times are these builders going to have to dig up their work before it is right? This simply wouldn’t happen in Japan or Germany, countries with a real eye for detail and accuracy.

How can there be so many problems with a scheme that has not yet been officially launched?


Collingwood Avenue


MY sister-in-law and I went to Blackpool Sixth Form College to see Return to the Forbidden Planet. It was a fantastic night, praise to all concerned from the band and backing singers to the front stage.

If we had gone to a large theatre we couldn’t have come out more happy. Dr Prospro’s amusing antics and Cookies break dancing were among the highlights. More please.


Aldwych Avenue


ON behalf of the Blackpool RNLI Ladies Guild, we would like to say a big thank you to committee, staff, artists, members and visitors of the LMS Loco Club for helping to raise £255 at a recent charity night. The money is to go towards new life jackets for the lifeboat crew.


Secretary Ladies Guild