Letters - 12-04-12

Rev Geoff Pearson, Bishop of Lancaster formerly opened Out Rawcliffe Primary School's new extension.
Rev Geoff Pearson, Bishop of Lancaster formerly opened Out Rawcliffe Primary School's new extension.
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OUT Rawcliffe C of E Primary School brings a lot of the things parents would want, not only from a state school but from a private school – small class numbers, teachers having the time to teach, a good atmosphere, children looking after each other, and the real feel of a big family.

It is important we don’t lose schools such as this through not supporting them.

Our granddaughter said she has never had school dinners like them – and has certainly grown since starting at this school, and she came from a private school.

We were unsure when we moved her, but the way they have helped her settle in, and she has made friends, is superb.

I think it speaks volumes for the school and staff.

The school doesn’t have all the modern trimmings, but it has something more important – a caring attitude and teachers who will spend time with youngsters.

I would never be frightened again of sending our granddaughter to a small rural school, and I would encourage parents to look to see the ratio of teachers to pupils.

At present there are only two in our granddaughter’s class, so they merge with the other infants, which has been a big benefit to her.

Unless we protect these schools, we are in danger of losing them.


Coniston Avenue


NORTH Fylde residents should be very worried at the news Wyre Council wants to build another 3,400 houses in Wyre (Gazette March 13).

No prizes for guessing where they will be. As far away from Poulton as possible, and that means Fleetwood/Thornton, where all the new housing estates are currently being dumped.

It’s all part of the council’s core strategy to swamp the area with houses, and provide a few shops here and there to look as if they care about employment prospects

No road improvements, no ferries, no rail connection.

Fleetwood is the last in the queue for investment, so where will the jobs come from? A few part-time jobs at yet another supermarket?

Coun Gordon McCann, economy portfolio holder at Wyre Council, describes it as “the council’s most important planning document and will influence decisions future planning applications”.

This amounts to a council-backed blueprint to turn North Fylde into a bland, congested dormitory estate by 2028, with poor employment prospects and poor road links.

History has shown again and again that Wyre planners ignore the impacts on the roads.

They have the power to obtain the money but refuse to do so, despite one massive housing estate in Fleetwood and another in Thornton, along with a massive retail park being given the go-ahead.

It seems that Fleetwood Town Council and Thornton Action Group must collaborate to resist the ratepayer-0funded architects of Thornton/Fleetwood’s economic apocalypse from getting their way.

The council is looking at using the land adjacent to Lambs hill for houses. Little wonder so many houses are for sale down there.

Build there and you will be sealed in by multitudes of cars during the school run.


Windsor Terrace


FYLDE Coast Players is this year celebrating its 65th anniversary, making it one of the oldest-established amateur theatre groups in Lancashire.

To help us celebrate this proud milestone in our history we would be delighted to hear from any original ex-members not known to us and others who recall the group’s formation and early years.

Contact us on (01253) 796483 or (01253) 796500 or by email to fyldecoastplayers@hotmail.co.uk


chairman , Fylde Coast Players, Lytham St Annes