Letters - 12/01/12

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WHAT a delight to read Bridie Matley had been awarded an MBE (Gazette December 31).

My wife and I have known Bridie (pictured) for over 40 years.

All those years ago, as a young woman, Bridie had a wonderful temperament and was always willing to help anyone who needed it.

Nothing has changed there.

It was like a breath of fresh air to see the awards system honour a member of the public who has helped others over the years for no personal gain. Have awonderful day with your family at the Palace Bridie, you have earned it.

Well done!


Bispham Road,


*AS a Midlander now living in the North West who fell in love with Blackpool as a small child in the 1950s and has made regular visits ever since, I must wholeheartedly support Justin Singleton (Letters January 4) with regard to a museum for the town.

Blackpool was the world’s first ‘workers’ seaside holiday resort, serving not only the local northern cotton and wool towns but also the Midlands and the Scottish lowlands. And it was not just the industrial workers, of course, that flooded into the town – witness the Victoriana of the great hotels and Winter Gardens.

Blackpool is simply unique. The town deserves a major museum – and it would be a massive hit. There are millions of British citizens who have wonderful memories of the town and would enjoy a walk down a memory lane of photos, film, artefacts and other memorabilia.

And there would surely be considerable support for getting such a venture under way – much of it from people like myself from outside the area.



*MY message to Joan Smith (Letters January 7) is don’t expect any action from the council on the dog fouling problem.

I had a similar letter published in The Gazette about 20 years ago. Shortly afterwards I left the area because of a work- related move and I returned to Blackpool last year.

The problem is now far worse than 20 years ago, not just in Blackpool but also on the new promenade at Cleveleys.

The amount of dog dirt is at a ludicrous level, but this is clearly not a concern to the authorities.


Blandford Avenue,


THE councils will be collecting old Christmas trees shortly.

I suggest that some could be stuck in the windward side of the of the gullies in the sandhills to create natural sand barriers and grass encouraged.

A cheaper and more natural way to keep the highways clear and get to the root of the problem.


Highfield Road,