Letters - 11/2/2011

Blackpool Airport
Blackpool Airport
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AFTER being a frequent flyer from Blackpool Airport, I must say I will never fly from there again.

There is obviously a major issue with staffing levels, as there are hardly any when you go through the airport.

Surely this must contribute to accidents happening or security breaches?

How on earth can they charge a £10 airport development fee when it is clear there is no developing going on. It is just a big rip-off.

It is only a matter of time before something happens and I certainly do not want to be part of that.

Well done for destroying what was a wonderful airport.


Howards Crescent


REGARDING the Memory Lane feature on the school on Lytham Road opposite the Lido (Gazette January 29), I went to Thames Road School from 1959-1966 (then on to Arnold Boys until 1971), but spent some time at the former girls’ school site, which was used as an extension by Thames Road.

It was always called “the Arnold annexe”, although I never knew why until reading your feature. I don’t remember the large building on Lytham Road, as we used other buildings between the back of this and the railway line. There was a hall on the ground floor used for assemblies and PE, and a couple of classrooms on the first floor.

Rather sadly, my time at Thames Road and the Arnold annexe coincided with the closure of the Lytham Road tram route, and I watched day by day as the overhead wires (and the distinctive light fittings) were dismantled and the rails were dug up or covered over. I’ve lived in Essex since being promoted at work in 1979, but still visit South Shore frequently.



CONGRATULATIONS to Jacqui Mein, Amie Rutherford and all the cast and crew of Blackpool and Fylde Children’s Panto for a superb production of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

It was superbly written, updated for modern life, brilliantly cast and it was truly amazing.

The children performed like professionals and every one of them looked like they were having the time of their lives.

My seven-year-old was privileged enough to play the part of Tinie the dwarf and though he has never done any drama, singing or dancing before, he astounded us by the skills he has acquired over the last six months rehearsing with BFCP – not to mention the confidence it has given him.

Well done everyone, you really should be so proud of yourselves.


Second Avenue

South Shore