Letters - 10-04-12

Shelley Farrell has claimed compensation from a dentist in St Annes following poor treatment.
Shelley Farrell has claimed compensation from a dentist in St Annes following poor treatment.
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I WAS very sorry to hear of the experience of Shelley Farrell when treated by dentist, Tom Kerr, formerly of St Annes Dental Clinic (Gazette April 4).

I would just like to say in Mr Kerr’s defencethat I went to him several years ago, as a very nervous patient, in need of two tooth extractions.

He put me at ease and (with injections) performed the extractions painlessly.

I continued to see Mr Kerr for several more years, over which time he successfully carried out bridge work, crown and fillings.

I no longer felt nervous, and had complete trust in his competence as a dentist.

I was sorry when he left St Annes Dental Clinic, and wish him well.


St Annes

LAST week two complete strangers performed an act of kindness, the likes of which are rarely seen and the family would like to thank these individuals.

Mrs Enid Glover fell on the corner of Warbreck Drive and Knowle Avenue.

A passing bus stopped and the driver and fellow passengers tended to her head wound until the ambulance arrived.

Yet another complete stranger, a young lady, accompanied Mrs Glover to hospital and waited until one of her family arrived.

Unfortunately we didn’t get the names of these two very kind and selfless individuals but would like to say a very big thank you from Mrs Glover and her very grateful family.


Lindsay Avenue



WHY do we constantly have to put up with problem tenants blighting the resort’s good name?

I saw on the front page of The Gazette how the council was trying to get rid of a group of undesirables living in a house in Blackpool.

While the landlords have to deal with these people and there illegal activities, sometimes the authorities have to step in to help get them out. But it’s the neighbours I feel sorry for. Not only do they have to put up with all sorts of bad behaviour and comings and goings throughout the night, but we now hear they were at risk from a fire too.

By messing around with the electricity meter they could have burnt the whole street down.