Letters - 1, March 2011

The new South Stand and concourse at Blackpool FC.
The new South Stand and concourse at Blackpool FC.
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MY wife and I are both disabled, but walk with aids. We are season ticket holders for Blackpool Football Club.

So the news prices were being frozen for next year was good news – until we checked the prices.

Our price last year with maximum discount was £140 each, that’s £280 for us both.

But this year, disabled ticket holders have to pay £359 each, with free carer. That’s with the maximum earlybird discount.

We don’t have carers, we care for each other.

But even if I go as my wife’s carer, the price is still £179.50 each, and that is not a price freeze. My wife wrote to the club a fortnight ago and has not heard a word back.

It looks like our time at Bloomfield Road is limited. We just cannot afford the new price.


Saltcotes Road


THERE has a been a problem on Warbreck Hill Road due to inconsiderate and dangerous motorists driving over the grass verges to escape queuing traffic.

The council has placed new turf on the verges, which was protected by plastic cones, but someone has destroyed part of this repair work.

This week trees have been planted and some more substantial bollards have been placed on the verges.

I urge all who use this road to be more considerate. Well done to the council in their effort to make Greenlands a more pleasant place to live.


Hilstone Lane


I ATTENDED the town hall to hear the setting of the council budget for 2011/2012.

This was the first time I had attended such a meeting and was keen, though apprehensive, to hear what cuts to services would be proposed. The Tory council leader duly read out the grim news, then the Labour group leader Coun Blackburn spoke in reply.

His speech was long and played to Labour supporters in the viewing gallery, but what alarmed me was his personal attack on Conservative Coun Peter Collins of Park Ward.

Coun Blackburn’s words were, “You’re going to hear your name mentioned a lot today Coun Collins”.

I asked the person next to me why Coun Collins was being singled out and he told me Coun Blackburn’s partner, Gillian Campbell, would be standing against Coun Collins in Park Wood in the forthcoming election.

Coun Blackburn has a right and a duty to oppose the Conservative budget plans but surely councillors should be supporting their constituents, not helping their family members get elected.

Unpleasant as the proposed cuts are going to be, I did not hear how either Labour or the Lib Dems would find the funds to avoid the proposed cuts. The financial mess the country is in will take time to rectify, but postponing necessary cuts now will only prolong hardship.

(Name and address supplied)

ALTHOUGH the Blue Badge has a picture of the disabled person, when displayed correctly in a vehicle the picture is not visible.

It is on the opposite side of the badge to the written details of the issuer, expiry date, etc., which must by law be displayed.

Surely this is an open invitation to fraudulent use and the badge should be redesigned to show both the picture and the relevant written information on the same side.


Nethway Avenue