Letters - 07-06-12

Women Open at Royal Lytham and St Annes Golf Club
Women Open at Royal Lytham and St Annes Golf Club
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WE are disgusted with the way residents of Queen’s Road and St Andrews Road, and others affected in similar ways, have been treated by Fylde Council, Lancashire County Council, the organisers and the police regarding the forthcoming Open Golf.

To be informed a residential side road is to be turned into a bus route for the park and ride system, which means there is no parking, no waiting and no loading/unloading 24 hours a day, for up to 10 days, we find totally unacceptable, especially as many of the houses do not have driveways.

We have asked the question as to why 24 hours a day? Surely they aren’t using buses in the middle of the night?

The organiser is making a good profit from such events, and yet the local community is left inconvenienced, unable to carry on life as normal.

It affects businesses which are unconnected with hospitality industry, as they can’t deliver to customers (including supermarket home delivery), maintenance workers (gardeners and window cleaners) and residents who pay their council tax unable to park near their homes.

No consultations have taken place with residents affected, and there is total disregard for those who have to carry on working while this event is going on.

We accept that when the tournament takes place there will be some disruption, and there are some benefits to the town. Take the Government’s example, admit you got things a bit wrong, do a U-turn and actually consider the whole community and their lives during that 10 days – and not just the issue of getting spectators to and from the course.


Queen’s Road

St Annes

I ATTENDED a Jubilee tea party on Friday at the Squirrel restaurant by invitation of the Greenlands ward councillors.

What a super day we had. We were entertained by the Bispham School choir and a quiz.

After the meal of mixed sandwiches and cakes, there was a raffle with lots of prizes, and then we finished off with a few games of bingo.

It was a great day, and it was good to meet other people who, like me don’t get out very much.

Before leaving, we were all given a souvenir mug and some sweets. I would like to thank Coun Christine Wright and the landlady of the Squirrel, who I believe, put most of this together.

Everyone had a great time for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee



DEDICATED house-owners in Bispham with well-tended grass verges should be granted the free right to cultivate them for vegetables, fruit trees etc.

This idea could be passed to all UK councils, helping the country’s economy.


Crawford Avenue