Letters - 03-04-12

Blackpool Council's Bag It Bin It poster.
Blackpool Council's Bag It Bin It poster.
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AS a responsible dog owner, I would like to come to the defence of all owners who do actually pick up after their dogs.

I generally walk between Red Bank Road, Bispham, and Anchorshome along the grassed area on the top Promenade, and I have noticed there is only one litter bin between Red Bank Road and Norbreck, and only one between Norbreck and Anchorshome.

It is unfair to fine owners who do pick up after their dogs but then have no bin to dispose of it in.

I have noticed quite often that bags are left at the gate entrances to the Prom as there is no bin nearby.

Blackpool Council is aware of where people walk their dogs, so why do they not help them to dispose of their soiled bags by providing more bins in these areas?

Come on Blackpool, you are tidying up the Prom beautifully now with the new tram stops and re-painted shelters.

Let’s not mar this by not investing in a couple of litter bins.



Good to see the effort being made, but they have to make sure they do it properly. We don’t want another Waterloo Road on our hands.


If they put in speed humps that will be another shopping area that will die just as Bond street did.


It’s good to see some money pumped into other areas of Blackpool rather than just the Town center and Promenade.

They look great, but walk 100 yards back from the Prom and you see the desolation.


It’s good to see Labour investing in this area which was underfunded by the last Tory council.


I think if it’s done right then it would be a welcome improvement to Highfield Road.

The current road surface has so many lethal potholes it’s causing damage to cars.

It will be nice to see the area get a face lift.