Letters - 02-07-12

Rosefinch Way  Marton, Blackpool. (story re. flooding).
Rosefinch Way Marton, Blackpool. (story re. flooding).
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WHEN DEFRA issue a flood warning, should we all sleep with one eye open, or should there be some monitoring system in place?

The question arises about how well the river banks are maintained – cleared of weeds and not silted up – all of which inhibit flow, causing rivers to burst their banks.

I sincerely hope the insurance companies will investigate the devastation and near-loss of life due to the recent floods – alongside DEFRA – and make sure the water companies are checking their equipment.

Water companies are not penalised for breaking the law. At one time, the insurance market would seek out these faults, and prosecutions would be made by them. Today, they just put up their premiums.

Currently, a company can have a monopoly, not just over a geographic area, but over all three services. Ofwat are failing to regulate the mismanagement of the monopoly services. Endless laws are being introduced and amended, and none of them enforced.

The solution may be to look at the whole structure of how the three water services are provided, with water capture possibly going back into public hands.

The correct channelling of water – off the Pennines – is a life and death science.

I live on an estate previously plagued with flooding problems – and I am pleased to say that two years of chasing companies to perform their duties properly does work.

Because, despite flooding all around, our systems are working fine, and we have not had a drop pooling on the road, either today or yesterday.


Rosefinch Way


I WOULD like to comment on the recent letter about a lack of support from businesses for the Illuminations.

I agree that this is a concern, and it is vital that they are supported.

But please don’t include the taxis in this comment.

The Blackpool Licensed Taxi Operators Association recently donated £1,000 to this worthy cause.

Taxi drivers are feeling the pinch right now. So if we can support the lights, why not some of the larger businesses who appear indifferent to this?


Secretary Blackpool Licensed Taxi Operators Association

THANK YOU you for printing my letter.

I got a massive response, and I want to thank all the lovely people who contacted me.

A lovely couple brought to our home a great dog stroller, which means Toby can go out.

We are more than happy, and they accepted a small donation to Easterleigh Sanctuary.


Newholme Residential Park


I WOULD like to congratulate the Blackpool Symphony Orchestra for the wonderful evening performance at Blackpool Sixth Form College.

It was well supported, so we hope we can look forward to many such performances.



I AM a regular visitor to Blackpool, coming over several times every year.

Unfortunately, on my last visit, I had a very bad fall and dislocated my shoulder.

I would like to thank the paramedics and medical staff at the Victoria Hospital for the care I received, the members of the public who came to my aid, and the proprietors of the Marsden Hotel for all their help.


County Antrim

Northern Ireland

WHAT a truly inspirational day I had at Fleetwood High School, meeting young people and teachers involved in Sky Sports Living for Sport.

My thanks go to the staff and pupils who welcomed me so warmly, and shared their thoughts, experiences, aspirations and learnings from this initiative.

The pupils I met were a credit to the school, and were full of enthusiasm, commitment and energy.

During my time with the pupils, I encouraged them to think about the skills we learn through doing sport, and how these can be applied to improve their lives. After all, sport is not just about fitness – sport helps people think, helps people listen, helps people to speak up and helps people work together.

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the students for their achievements, and encourage them to focus on reaching their goals.

Sport is not only about talent or winning medals; it brings together all the life skills needed to succeed.


Commonwealth Bronze Medallist hockey star