Letters - 01/02/11

Norcross Roundabout
Norcross Roundabout
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ON reading about the reconstruction of the Norcross roundabout, and how much this will cost (The Gazette, January 29), I did wonder if there would be any money left to repair all the potholes in Thornton, some not repaired from last winter.

I don’t think Lancashire County Council need to put a 20mph restriction on our roads, as it is almost impossible to do more than that without the risk of damage to your car.

Perhaps the powers that be should look to maintaining what is already in place, after all we are supposed to be cutting back aren’t we?



On behalf of the Blackpool RNLI Ladies Guild, we would like to say thank you to committee, staff, artists and customers of the LMS Loco Club for all their help in raising £375.86 at the charity night on Saturday, January 15, the patrons of Liberty’s for their donation. Also thank you to the Red Lion Hotel at Bispham for their quiz night and hot pot supper on January 20 that raised £381. Once again a big thank you to everyone, it is greatly appreciated.


Secretary RNLI Ladies Guild

In response to Mr Bowers (The Gazette, January 29) regarding the price increase for Lytham Proms 2011.

The price increase for 2011 was necessary in order to secure Status Quo and Katherine Jenkins. We were keen to offer fans value for money, bring people into the area from all over the country. Fans that took advantage of the early booking offer secured one of the cheapest tickets in 2011 calendar for both Katherine Jenkins and Status Quo.

Cuffe & Taylor Event Management brought the Proms back to Lytham St Annes after the previous company running the event went bankrupt. So contrary to the ‘profiteering’ speculated, it also involves a great deal of risk.

With regards the popularity of Katherine Jenkins, ticket sales have far exceeded that of the 2010 figures, a true indication of the artist’s popularity!

Finally, I note that Mr Bowers is intending to watch from the outside. Due to the feedback we received from our patrons last year, the 2011 event will be surrounded by a 2.5 metre solid green fence, allowing the event to be sustainable for many years to come.


Cufffe & Taylor Event Management Limited