Letter - July 22, 2015

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Closing these places is absolute disgrace

Blackpool Council’s decision to close its Sure Start nurseries is an absolute disgrace, coming from a local authority that claims to have the welfare of youngsters at heart (Gazette, July 20).

As well as the children, what happens to the dedicated staff and their hopes for similar employment, utilising their skills to the full?

Most nurseries and schools will have completed their search for staff for the start of the 2015-16 year, and the council’s poor timing in announcing their decision, just days before the summer break, means there are no vacancies to apply for.

All the council has achieved is a cut in its wage bill, once again at the lower end of the pay scales, but with the likelihood of now forking out housing benefit to some of this newly-redundant workforce.

I believe management posts have been saved, but what are they going to be managing if there are no nurseries?

How ironic that news of these redundancies broke as the council’s Labour group advertises for a political assistant, on a salary of just under £35,000.

L Brown



Cuts are being made in the wrong places

I am fed up and sick and tired of hearing from this council that services are to be cut due to the £26 million of cuts.

If these cuts are to be made, then I am afraid this council have their priorities all wrong.

Surely the nurseries on Grange Park and in Talbot Ward must be at the high end of the list. The people of this town pay their rates and this must be where the money is spent.

All the money being borrowed for tourist venues around the town surely cannot be justified when they (the council) are closing down community activities such as these nurseries.

It is this that brings me to the main point. The council should be encouraging the build-up of community projects, not destroying them, as it is these that bring people together.

Community spirit cannot be measured in monetary value, but when everybody pulls together, boy is it ever powerful.

As a suggestion, why not scrap school breakfasts for all primary school children and ensure that only those who need it get it.

If this council feel they cannot deliver what the people of Blackpool deserve, then I suggest they move over and let somebody in who can.

Name and address supplied


It’s the Tories who are the NIMBYs

I have become aware of an effort by the government and its spokesmen to rubbish the Lancashire County Council decision to reject the fracking planning applications, passing it off as some sort of mental aberration.

The latest event to come to my attention is a call by George Osborne to “neuter the NIMBYs”. As is usually the case, this is as inaccurate in fact as it is strong in rhetoric.

Being a NIMBY is when you recognise there is a need for something, but you just don’t want it near you. The point about fracking is there is no consensus there such a need.

For every country that supports fracking, I could name at least one that opposes it – the latest is the Netherlands, where they have extended the moratorium by five years.

For every expert who says “fracking is a good thing”, I could name at least one expert who would state that it is a dirty, dangerous process of dubious economic benefit to the locality. The fracking community provides mutual support against potential sites throughout the UK. Therefore I am not sure how I can be accused of being a NIMBY for opposing fracking in Yorkshire!

What is the unacceptable face of being NIMBYism are the Tory MPs who state that they are all in favour of fracking, but then for some reason find that it is inappropriate for their own constituency. Worse of all are the southern MPs who are all for fracking but only in the “desolate north”. Now that is being a NIMBY.

Barry Warner

Saswick Court



Riding roughshod over the people

We now know what life under Conservative rule will be.

In total disregard to the objections of thousands of local residents, the decisions of Lancashire and Wyre councils, the Westminster Government has turned Wyre into a gas storage tank.

The dangers that can arise from Halite’s storage project have been totally ignored.

It is big business that gets the support of this government, and democracy can go to hell.

Can we now anticipate Cuadrilla getting its fracking licences, despite the vote by the county to reject the permits? Also, going against the wishes of thousands of people is an affront to democracy.

Roy Lewis

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Helping others to get a welcome meal

I wanted to bring your attention towards an article in the Gazette on July 18 with regards to perishable food donations. These donations are for a food bank, which our mosque is collecting for, they are not for the mosque. I just wanted to clarify this.

Mohammed Jamil

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