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Blackpool Tram
Blackpool Tram
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AS a heritage champion I have to agree with Mr Garnham (Letters February 25) regarding the unique and iconic trams in their livery of green and cream and the important part they play in the history of Blackpool.

Yes, I have seen the new tram model at the Solaris, and although it is an interesting concept, will it be a ghost tram after the season?

The high number of people standing in the new trams is aimed at commuters, and although many use the trams for this purpose the old tram service was and still is a huge tourist attraction.

Please hold on to the heritage of Blackpool and its existing trams, as too much has disappeared in the name of ‘progress.’


Primrose Avenue


TIM Amor, of Wyre Tidal Energy stated in The Gazette (February 15) that the barrage scheme had been around since 1991.

But I have news for Mr Amor – it has been around since about 1969.

I had the idea and discussed it while on my window-cleaning round with a Mrs Colgan, the wife of a local doctor.

I spoke of hydro-electrics, a lake behind the barrage for water sports, boating and fishing with a lock at the Fleetwood end of the barrage to allow vessels to reach the open sea.

She mentioned it to a local councillor who was a near neighbour.

Later, that councillor had a letter published in the Gazette, word-for-word, as I had described the idea.

Credit where credit is due!


Darbishire Road


ONLY the Brits could send a Navy ship named after a pork sausage to rescue British citizens from a Muslim country....... God speed HMS Cumberland.



IN response to Mrs Longley (Letters February 28), I would like to point out to anyone who is of this opinion that they are very much mistaken if they think children in Blackpool are merely being deprived of the latest toys or fashions, as opposed to food, clothing and basic hygiene facilities.

I can tell you from first hand encounters in my work, that hundreds of children are living far below the breadline, and what’s worse now, is there is no real excuse for it.

Under the benefits system and through the help of food coupon schemes, there is no good reason why children cannot be kept clean and fed, which leads me to my point.

You are the lucky ones, your parents did the best they could on very little money and with no help whatsoever, you know this and can feel love and gratitude towards them for their struggles.

Today’s children live in poverty often because their parents choose to spend their money on themselves. They would rather have a drug fix or cigarette, than see their children fed.

Their children know this, and as they grow older, they will feel insignificant and unloved.

They shouldn’t be grateful, they have absolutely nothing to be grateful for, they are being selfishly deprived of basic human needs from the people that should love them the most.