Help us bring home mum caged in Iran

Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe with her daughter GabriellaRichard PIC: The Free Nazanin campaign/PA Wire
Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe with her daughter GabriellaRichard PIC: The Free Nazanin campaign/PA Wire
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Like many Gazette readers, we are grievously disappointed that the British charity worker Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe has been sent back to jail in Iran after her recent temporary release.

Along with her husband Richard and her numerous supporters, we’d hoped her long-awaited permanent and unconditional release was just around the corner.

This mother of a young child has already been through a terrible ordeal.

In total, she’s spent nearly two-and-a-half years behind bars, including eight gruelling months of solitary confinement without a lawyer. She was subjected to a string of unfounded accusations from the Iranian authorities and was given a deeply unfair trial.

On top of all this, news that Nazanin has suffered panic attacks after returning to jail and now needs specialised medical care, is extremely worrying.

As with countless people in Iran, Nazanin is a prisoner of conscience who should never have been jailed in the first place.

The Iranian authorities have treated Nazanin with exceptional cruelty.

Readers can add their name to our 160,000-strong petition calling for her release - go to

Let’s do all we can to get Nazanin home.

Norah Lynam

Fylde coast Amnesty 


Bagged-up dog mess left in street

I am disgusted about some of the owners of dogs in Onslow Road.

Nearly every week there is a pile of dog mess outside the same houses in Onslow Road. Please can the owners clear up the mess.

I pay full council tax and our council do not do anything about the dog mess.

Mr Williams

Onslow Road


Time to end this train dispute

The massive inconvenience caused by the RMT strikes on Northern’s rail services continues unabated, with the withdrawal of labour on every Saturday in September.

It really is time that this issue was put to bed once and for all, and I have to wonder whether Northern has fully considered the wishes of its customers.

The initial disagreement seemed to centre on who closed the doors, the drivers or the guards.

Passengers, I suspect, couldn’t care less as long as whatever was agreed was deemed to be safe. There does seem to be an argument that it would be better for the drivers to do so, to enable the guards to concentrate on other matters.

The bigger issue now appears to be having guards on all trains, which is a safety issue according to the RMT.

I think that all rail travellers would wish there to be a guard on every train wherever possible, both for the safety of passengers and to ensure that all have suitable tickets.

However, there can be the odd situation when a guard is not available, and in such circumstances it is surely better for all concerned for the train to be allowed to run rather than being cancelled.

Perhaps Northern and the RMT could outline their thoughts in this regard, hopefully with the interests of their customers being at the forefront of them.

Certainly someone needs to be knocking heads together to end this long-standing dispute, which is now totally out of hand.

Bob Watson

via email


Have you change for .4p please?

Can anyone tell me how you get change from .9, .7, or .4 of a penny?

Most petrol stations are charging these amounts. Since doing away with the half pence, the legal tender is now based on one penny.

It is yet another way of fleecing the motorist.

Why is the Government not doing something about it?

Mel Smart

Address supplied


Johnson is fair and would be great PM

Three cheers for a fair and common sense politician.

Boris Johnson has my greatest admiration and respect.

I would be very pleased and delighted if he were to become the next Prime Minister.

He would point this country in the right direction.

Philip Taylor

via email