Does photo of Owen Oyston play into hands of Blackpool fans’ Trust?

Owen Oyston
Owen Oyston

Here are all our reader's letters from Frtiday June 15, 2018.

The front page photograph of Owen Oyston in the Gazette on Thursday, June 7 is a disgrace, approved I assume to support your anti-Oyston propaganda in association with the so-called Blackpool Supporters Trust.

In my opinion this photo shows an 84-year-old man under extreme personal stress caught off guard and subsequently abused publicly by its publicity without I assume Owen’s permission. If it were me I would expect a public personal apology.

Today I visited the football club to collect my season ticket, now having passed 50 years as a holder. I saw the magnificent stadium as it is today and reminisced about my first visits there and the achievement since Owen became the owner.

Mr Belokon of course was taken on board (he is a banker from Latvia) and he put millions into the coffers. By some amazing decisions in the courts he is now said to be taking much more out.

The Supporters Trust now seems to be the only body to represent the views of fans mostly through its Friday football articles in The Gazette.

This body does not in any way represent myself as my dictionary says supporters support and protesters protest.

I therefore assume the 3,000 to 4,000 are true supporters and are helping keep the club afloat by enjoying the home games in a very friendly family atmosphere, while Owen continues to pay the wages of the manager, players and excellent long serving friendly staff.

Oh, and by the way, I hope these foreign investors are in it for the good of the club and not to fleece the club.

I am sure BST will put them right.

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Two questions about fatal fire

As we hit the first anniversary of the tragedy of Grenfell Tower two questions continue to puzzle me.

The first, and most important, why did the fire brigade not employ water carrying helicopters to tackle the blaze approaching the upper floors of the apartments? I had seen a similar American high rise tackled that way only days before.

My second concern is that while we are told 72 humans lost their lives in the fire, and that indeed was tragic, no mention has been made of how many family pets were victims and, as an animal lover this upsets me, I mean did the RSPCA for instance do a check?

Neil Kendall

Stamford Avenue

South Shore


Italy was wrong not to take refugees

Italy is a beautiful country full of history and culture but now not refugees!

Refugees seem to be everywhere, they look different and speak differently although if you get past this simplistic, inaccurate stereotyping you will find a range of normal people that are escaping from horrors that most people have no idea of - fortunately.

Italy was wrong to refuse the shipload of refugees and to tweet it as a ‘victory’ as the Minister Matteo Salvini did because people must be safe even if others are inconvenienced.

Spain showed a kinder heart and a stronger character and acted to help the unfortunate souls.

The solution lies not with where they are going but with why they are leaving their own countries. If there was peace and prosperity then there would be few refugees.

Welcome the lost and work on making life better for all.

Dennis Fitzgerald

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Got hay fever? Get hold of a beekeeper

I’m a great believer in old wives’ tales and remedies are top of the list.

Springtime is the season that kicks off the allergies, hay fever sufferers the biggest casualties.

With no cure as such, there are the old fashioned remedies to combat the distress of sore eyes, runny noses and generally rundown feeling.

Having your bedroom and work place well ventilated is a good start.

Honeybees are the answer in your immunity to many types of pollen and nectar that you breath in every single minute.

Source a beekeeper within a five-mile radius of your home and then place an order for a regular supply of their honey.

Bees gather their pollen / nectar from the local blossoms and flowers etc that fill your lungs and eventually your immune system can’t cope.

One teaspoon of local honey at bedtime will grow your immune system to resist this yearly misery on your health.

Taken in warm milk or hot water each night will clear the sinuses and ease the tickly coughs to begin a good night’s sleep.

In the winter time switch to mixing honey in your porridge and slice in a small banana, your immune system will be ready to fend off the springtime onslaught of pollen/nectar.

Alex Gilliles

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