AS a regular walker on the beach, I have to say I agree with stories in The Gazette about water quality (Gazette July 25).

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Letters - 30 July 2012

I go on the beach two or three times a week, and in the last six months it has gone steadily downhill.

You can actually see raw slimy sewage, and on one occasion I actually got my foot stuck and lost my sandal as it sank in it, which was absolutely disgusting.

My usual walk is from the Gynn to Bispham, and sometimes further.

Every time I go I hope it improves, but it doesn’t, it just gets worse.

Now I realise why hardly anyone goes on this stretch of beach.

I don’t know about the sea, but the sand needs sorting out.

Blackpool Council needs to take the help that Marine Conservation Society’s programme manager Dr Robert Keirle is offering, especially as it’s free.

I have never seen the beach so bad, and I was born and bred here and have been going to the beach for more than 50 years.

I remember sometimes as a small child experiencing a small amount of slime, but not to this degree.

I hope something can be sorted soon.


Draycot Avenue


THE council has decided once again to issue wristbands in order to see the Illuminations Switch-On, and is also moving the venue.

I feel this is a back-door way of charging the public a fortune.

However, that aside, I feel as though I’m being disadvantaged as I don’t have a computer, which is a bit unfair, as I’m sure many others don’t, and so cannot easily apply for a ticket.

If they moved the switch-on back to Central Drive, then anybody who wished could attend.

What’s wrong with that?

No mega acts have been booked, like Robbie Williams, so what’s the need for wristbands?

My message is move it back and make it free for all.


Hesketh Avenue


A CASE was highlighted in The Gazette (July 12) when a man was complaining about his failure to be reunited with his dog Bullseye.

This particular case involved another branch further afield, and had no connection whatsoever with RSPCA BLackpool and North Lancs.

Unfortunately we received adverse publicity, as the branch involved was not specified.

In Blackpool, we work tirelessly to rescue animals who have been abandoned, neglected and abused, and when in our care they receive all the necessary veterinary care and are micro chipped and vaccinated before we find them a new, loving home.

On another note, I would like to thank everyone who supported our mini dog show in St John’s Square on Saturday, July 14, where we raised a magnificent £1,100.

Our next event is our Fun Dog Show in Stanley Park on August 5.

There are lots of attractions and if you have a dog, there are fun classes to compete in but with or without a dog it is a day of fun for all the family.


Honorary Branch Secretary

Blackpool and North Lancs RSPCA

I WOULD like to offer my condolences to the family of the late and lovely lady Mrs Stella McKenna, who passed away after a short illness.

Like so many of the people of Blackpool, I bought my Gazette from Stella. She always had her smile in rain or snow –and the occasional sunshine – for everyone.

The photo used in The Gazette, is one I took of Stella one night, so even though it was sad to learn of her passing, it was bitter sweet to see her once more behind the stall, smiling.

Goodbye, Stella.


Dinmore Avenue


ON taking my car for a service, I was surprised to find a further charge for £200 for broken springs, damaged, no doubt, by the number of potholes in our roads,which continue to be in a disgraceful state.

Being disabled and 91 years old, my car is very essential to me, also I can ill afford an extra item such as this.

When will our roads be sorted out?


Mill Hey Avenue