Polling stations are open today from 7am to 10pm
Polling stations are open today from 7am to 10pm
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The idea on the part of the Government to try to introduce voter ID prior to voting in elections will disenfranchise many people, especially poorer communities.

The pilot schemes used in some areas during the recent local elections has been nothing but a shambles.

There were cases of people being denied a vote when they turned up, on the basis they did not have the correct ID, and it was apparent that some people were unable to access the required voter ID for a variety of reasons.

The forms of ID required were inconsistent across the different trial areas, consequently causing confusion among voters.

The Equality and Human Rights commission and a number of charities warned that these trials would have a disproportionate impact on BME communities, older, young, trans, disabled and poorer people.

If introduced in Lancashire, it is clear that this scheme would impact on many people in the poorer areas because there are many who will not have access to a passport or driving licence.

It is hoped the Government will not take this idea any further because it is an attack on vulnerable people, as well as an infringement on Human Rights.

I would urge the minister responsible for this scheme to publicly state that this scheme was morally wrong and to apologise to the voters who were denied a vote in the recent elections.

David Whitaker

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Permits... be careful what you wish for !

There’s been some talk recently about launching residents-only parking schemes.

I live in Essex but was born and raised in South Shore and have a ‘weekend’ flat there.

My house in Essex is close to the county cricket ground and a busy commuter station so parking has always been a problem, and there’s been a residents’ permit scheme for years, though I have off-street parking luckily so don’t need to use it.

My comment is: permits fix some problems and create others, so be careful what you wish for...

In my town it’s rather complicated, but in brief: the town is divided into zones, and a permanent permit for a specific vehicle in each zone is £26 for a year or £20 for six months; only two permits are allowed per address, and vehicles must be linked to that address eg by registration or insurance document.

There are vehicle size limits. Temporary permits are £11 per month, maximum four per year. Visitor permits are the same price (one free for over-65s), but limited to four hours per day. Visitor tickets are 50p per hour, £1.50 for four hours, and £2 for six hours, in books of 10 tickets. Tradespeople need normal visitor tickets, but there are special arrangements for carers and similar. Permits and tickets are ONLY available online or by telephone, and a courtesy car needs a temporary change of details. Different streets have different permit operating hours.

By the way, regarding town centre congestion, it seems strange that over the last umpteen years councillors have spent loads of taxpayers’ money on making roads smaller - the shared space on the Prom, blocking off the Abingdon Street/Church Street junction, squeezing traffic round the edge of Talbot Square etc - then they seem puzzled by the hold-ups!

C D Drewe



Hi--tech signs are a waste of money

Could someone remind me how much the council has recently spent on installing an electric information system which is supposed to help drivers avoid traffic jams and find parking spaces in the town centre?

Judging by the jams along the prom throughout the bank holiday weekend, the system is a failure.

Some of the side streets in town were gridlocked and pavement parking along the South Shore was shocking.

It appears to be yet another waste of money by our profligate council.

Maddie Chisholm

Levens Grove


Thank you for helping lifeboats

On behalf of Blackpool Lifeboat Station we would like to say a big thank you to management, staff and customers of Asda, Cherry Tree Road, for all their help in raising £387.09 at a recent collection in the store.

Christine Parry