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Long grass around Marton Windmil
Long grass around Marton Windmil
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We all like to think we are house proud and look after our property.

But when we see the grass growing wildly around our homes, it tends to get us in a lather.

Blackpool Council risked the wrath of ratepayers when it last week admitted there was no more money to cut the grass in the town.

Instead, they have “learnt lessons” from last year and will target certain areas in the town more efficiently.

John Blackledge, the council’s director for community and environmental services, said: “While grass cutting continues to take place on a priority-led basis, our experience from last year means we will be able to cut the grass at 75 per cent.

“It is important to remind people that grass is always most difficult to cut at this time of year due to the speed it grows in the warm and damp weather. The wet condition of the ground hampers when we can use the machines but for many more areas this year the grass will be cut more regularly.”

But that didn’t wash with the opposition - and our readers.

Here’s the best of your comments below.

If there is no money for this then there is no money. But there is!

Out of season certain areas are neglected, dog waste is not picked up and the place looks a mess.

However, as soon as the season starts the mowers are out, a van full of litter pickers remove all rubbish and dog waste from places such as the prom and the sea wall steps are bleached and jet-washed.

In other words, those of us who live here and pay our council tax can live in squalor but those who visit get to see Blackpool at its best


Nothing wrong with householders cutting their own verges?

Big Kev 64

Time to make the unemployed work for their cheque. A few hours a week by all the people on the dole and this issue goes away. Also a little more pride from the pet owners and people who litter wouldn’t go a miss.

Blackpool Rock

It’s not only the grass cutting. The pavements and kerb edging should be maintained.Weeds, glass and general rubbish all over. The local parks are falling into disrepair, not long before it will cost a lot more than the saved wages, to make them presentable again.

Born In Blackpool

It’s that long on Stanley Park I chucked a stick for my dog the other day and he dragged a Spice freak out of the long grass

Blackpool Lights

Maybe it’s time the people that use the sports fields started mowing their own grass

Lady Local

Time and time again they suddenly find those extra thousands to fund their next project and then plead poverty when it comes to paying for services.

North Shore Hostage

Its all about playing politics. There is plenty of money for the favoured councillors’ vanity schemes but they then plead poverty and can’t do the basics. They would have been better just getting on with it this year.


Get some of the people on Jobseekers and some of the inmates at Kirkham on the job. Problem solved

Brian Storm

They should use the unemployed to cut the grass, give them some thing to do, and to justify their benefits.

The unemployed in Switzerland have to work for their benefits.

Jackie 35

I suppose this means the weeds in and around Blackpool streets will be left yet again. I feel ashamed when we have visitors.M y neighbours and I try to keep our surroundings clear but there is only so much one can do.

Louise Connelly

Just waiting for the Tories to think out the box and suggest we sell off our green spaces. It’s happened before and suggested for the rest many times


Yet another reason why we, the local council taxpayer should hold the council to a local referendum for every spending decision over a certain amount. I am sick to the back teeth of the council stories of £XX millions for private businesses to build here


Remember a couple of years ago when the groundsmen went on strike and the comments appeared on here along the lines of “live in the real world” and “about time these lazy council workers got a taste of reality”?

Well this is what you get for not supporting them.

Pedantic Poster

Why not get the community payback team to do this?

Never ending workforce there


And yet they get £1,000’s from grassroots and senior football clubs to use these facilities

Paul Adams

When I was a youngster running through the long grass was one of life’s pleasures, among the butterflies and bees and flowers.

What on earth has happened to everyone? Grass must now be shaved short in order to make a suitable dog defacating surface - has the world gone mad ?

Ranholme Feltersnatch

Gives nature a chance to thrive how life intended it to.

Long grass = bugs, bees and happy birds

Adele White

The usual Labour apologists will be along soon to say this is all the Tory Government’s fault. 
Funny how the council bleat on that they don’t have enough money to keep the green spaces tidy yet they have increased their own council expenses by over £200,000 in one year


Where my mum lives just off Highfield Road near the old Booths store was, it looks awful, lots of overgrown grass on both sides

Kay Whittle

Grass on Cockerham Walk is over a foot high, never seen it like this

Marie Hall