Younster praised for bravery in crisis

TRIBUTE TO BRAVERY: Caitlin (back) and grandmother Carole Cox with (from left) sisters Emily, Olivia and Jessica
TRIBUTE TO BRAVERY: Caitlin (back) and grandmother Carole Cox with (from left) sisters Emily, Olivia and Jessica
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A SCHOOLGIRL has been praised for her bravery after her mother collapsed in the bathroom of their home.

Caitlin Smith, who lives on Harcourt Road, South Shore, kept her three younger sisters calm and dialled her grandmother for help when the crisis broke on Monday afternoon.

The girls’ 32-year-old mother Samantha had complained of feeling sick and ran upstairs to the bathroom before slumping, unconscious on the floor.

But quick-thinking Caitlin sprung into action and ushered her sisters, six-year-old Emily, Jessica, five, and Olivia, three, out of the bathroom before calling for help.

Her grandmother Carole Cox soon arrived on the scene with paramedics in tow and Mrs Smith was taken away to hospital.

Now with her mum recovering at home, Caitlin spoke of her ordeal.

The St Cuthbert’s Primary School pupil said: “I was really frightened when I saw my mum had collapsed, I screamed and tried to wake her but she didn’t move.

“My sisters ran into the bathroom and were crying and my dad was at work so I didn’t know what to do.

“I remembered my grandma’s phone number so I tried to get all my sisters out of the bathroom and phoned her for help.

“I’m so glad I remembered her number and I’m glad my mum is back home.”

Doctors believe Mrs Smith had a seizure and are carrying out further tests. She was released from hospital after being kept under observation.

She told The Gazette: “Both her dad and I are so very proud of her, especially for the way she looked after her sisters.

“I don’t remember a thing, I was sat on the sofa and the next thing I knew I was in bed with a paramedic stood over me.

“I’m so happy Caitlin knew what to do, we have never discussed what to do in an emergency but she did so well.”

Caitlin’s grandmother Carole added: “It was absolutely terrifying to get a phone call to say my daughter had collapsed and wouldn’t wake up.

“I’m very proud of all the girls for staying calm but particularly Caitlin as she thought to phone me for help.

“She isn’t a particularly worldy nine year old so really deserves credit for how brave she was in taking control of the situation.”