You have your say on unruly South Shore McDonald's yobs

What would you do if someone threw a drink over you in a restuarant?

Wednesday, 19th April 2017, 11:03 am
Updated Tuesday, 9th May 2017, 7:07 pm
Barry Mains-Battle and Debbie Mains-Battle have had several issues with McDonalds on Amy Johnson Way
Barry Mains-Battle and Debbie Mains-Battle have had several issues with McDonalds on Amy Johnson Way

Now management at McDonald’s are to work with police to keep unruly yobs out of their outlet after a spate of problems.

Following the incident, it emerged staff at the restaurant have been pelted with vegetables by teenagers as they serve drive-thru customers.

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The youngsters buy potatoes from the nearby Morrisons and throw them at staff as they take food out to waiting customers, McDonald’s have confirmed.

Debbie said: “We always go to McDonald’s for a coffee or something to eat on our way home but now the place has become a no-go zone for us. “It’s supposed to be a place for families but they seem to have let gangs of teenagers take over.”

A McDonald’s spokesman said: “There have been incidences of anti-social behaviour in our Amy Johnson Way restaurant in which a small number of individuals have demonstrated unacceptable behaviour.”

The couple were given a £25 voucher from McDonald’s as an apology for their experience.


McDonald’s will have lost a sizeable amount of income.

While their manager puts up with louts in there buying the odd milkshake and raking up seats others will have choosen to stay away.

As a point of interest to the patronising types a lot of people use McDonald’s...a lot of people on the business park use it for lunch meetings.

This couple have done a lot by highlighting the issue.


To think McDonald’s promotes itself as an all generation food chain? I suggest this couple use the facilities in Morrisons if they prefer to be close to home.

Born In Blackpool

I know Barry and Debbie well, they are really nice people and I am so upset about this incident.

The Slave Girls

If this was a pub the licensing committee would be considering removing its licence. Fast food places (if you can call McDonald’s junk fast food) also have licences and are at the mercy of the same licensing committee


Regardless of who the couple are or wherever they choose to eat you can do without the abusing expanding waste of organs. Ýou don’t see them throwing drinks over a pair of rugby playing cage fighters do 

Lets get tough on drains on society


The people in question should be caned in a public place, then hard labour

The Headmasters Study

Give me the manager’s job. I will sort these little ones out in five mins. Guaranteed. It won’t be pretty, it certainly won’t be ‘politically correct’ but it will be effective, painful and effective.

An added bonus is when their parents come down mouthing off they’ll get ‘parental classes from my good self, free of charge


McDonald’s is hardly the place that one would visit for a quiet coffee in cordial company. It is a meeting place for young teens and a place for lazy parents to take their kids and introduce them at an early age to high fat, high sugar and high salt junk food that comes with a plastic toy.

There is a reason why the food is so cheap and the surroundings akin to a playground.


Some people need to be a bit more pro-active, if some little chav threw a drink over me he’d get a punch in the face, regardless of his age.


So that’s why my 17-year-old daughter got turned away, while by herself getting her tea

Kevin Richardson

Ours has security guards it’s that bad

Marie Harkness

Our local branch has started playing classical music to deter the youths.

Colin Rushton

My husband was screamed at there by a member of staff as she was stressed due to being under staffed and she had too much to do.

All he wanted was a coffee

Zoe Harbon

About time. I work at the Morrisons across the road and I’m sick of all the little sad gangs that congregate there and then come over and cause a disturbance at Morrisons.

Nathan Giddings

Can’t people just behave in public?

Tony Wright